10 Best Alternatives To A PS4 And Xbox One

Everyone is pretty pumped about the new consoles being released later this year, and rightfully so. There are some great things coming down the pipe in the near future that we can hardly wait for. What if you’re just not excited about the next generation hardware yet or want to stretch your buck a bit further though? Those new pieces of hardware aren’t exactly affordable for everyone on launch.

Well there are plenty of options out now and it’s easier than ever before to find older consoles, handhelds and PC hardware at great prices. Regardless of what you’re currently focused on;  old, new or you’re just working on a massive back catalog of titles until the new consoles come out  there is no need to rush into the future. With great older hardware available, or even the new and woefully under-appreciated Wii-U someone out there has whatever it is you might be looking for. We’ve got a whole industry’s history worth checking out before November.

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  • Annon76

    There are more people on Steam then XBL and PSN combined….good to see it slid in at number 10.
    GB is the shittiest website ever…..If I didn’t get sucked into the headlines from Zerg.net I would never get redirected here…..without a doubt the worst gaming new website out there.
    Rock Paper Shotgun
    PC Gamer
    Good god go anywhere for gaming news except this steamy pile of website.

    • John Ken

      NOT GAMESPOT!!!!
      That site sucks big time

    • Annon76

      you’re right they almost suck as bad as these ass clowns

  • Tim Green


  • John Ken

    Isn’t this like every platform on the market?

  • Alphamatroxom

    Ouya? Shield? Playstation 2? Did you run out of things to write about? This is a fucking troll list

    • Xaxal_Ravenguard

      Ouya and Shield maybe, but don’t go dissing the PS2.

  • John

    This article is retarded.

  • Rivethead

    Better, more accurate title:
    “Every game system you could go out and purchase right now if you don’t want the next Xbox of PS4″

  • Glenn Rhodes

    The article should have been the only alternatives to ps4 and xbox one. Because the best and only real alternative is a computer.

    • Arthur Sataine

      If all the processing power wasn’t used for other things than gaming, I’d agree. As it stands, it is marginally better.

  • merwanor

    Should also mention that being a PC gamer is actually much cheaper in the long run, because of steam sales you can get some games for crazy low prices. If I had bought all the games on my steam library for a console I would have spent at least 3 or 4 times as much money. So the platform may be more expensive, but you get that value back from games, even the retail prices are lower than console prices.

  • Ahmed Talib

    Beach pls
    I can live with my Dreamcast forever

  • yuv

    worst article i have ever read

  • tito

    I’m done buying new consoles they need lower the price for games and shit.

  • Sebastian Stroud

    Stop being retarded.

  • Scott Gilmour

    I prefer the Wii u.

  • Ramoncito Millanxd

    Ouya? Ipad? Playstation 2? The best is PS Vita, Project Shield, PS3 and Xbox 360, no more.

  • Bob Horvath

    How about: going outside, getting laid, having a life outside of gaming. Oh, and maybe the “steam box” if it comes out.

  • Red Flame Fox

    Lol, worst article ever.

  • John Obvich

    10 is PC? What a fail list. If you got off your a@@ and learned how to build/upgrade your own computer, you would have a much stronger and faster “console”

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