10 entirely redundant words in video game titles

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There seems to be an increasing trend, in the merry old land of games, to tack words into game titles that either don’t make sense, speak for themselves or are just plain fictional.

‘No,’ I bellowed, this cannot continue.  So I did what everyone in my position would do, and took a light-hearted at 10 of the worst offenders.

The problem with 'unbounded' is that it simply isn't a real word. That in itself isn't exactly Ratko-Mladic-war-crimes-bad, but is clearly the product of blind, corporate flim-flam but ultimately it just sounds really odd. I guess we can sort of of see what they were getting at, the act of not being constrained, and simply using 'unbound' just didn't quite cut it. The biggest failing of 'unbounded' isn't in semantics, but the fact it conjures up the image of a westie running playfully through a sunny meadow, not quite the Ridge Racer experience.

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  • Mac Kennedy

    At #8: AC3. LOL.

    • Jordan Garland

      *NUUUUUH* This competition only covers games from the present and past. Try again next time!

  • Pascual

    Toy Story 3

    • Jordan Garland

      *NUUUUUH* General consensus is divided between Toy Story 1 and 3. Try again next time!

  • Branno

    #8 DBZ Budokai 3 and Budokai Tenkaichi 3

    • Jordan Garland

      You might have a case for this one, actually. Having never played either or, in fact, any game in the DBZ universe, so my only point of reference is Metacritic. Send an email over to jordan.garland@gamingbolt.com and I’ll see what I can do.

  • #8

    Super Mario Bros. 3?
    Killzone 3?
    Fallout 3?

    • Jordan Garland

      *NUUUUUH* There is strong debate as to wether SMA4:SMB3 is the fourth, or third game in the series, given the numbers. Try again next time!
      *NUUUUUH* Killzone 2 is generally regarded as being better. Try again next time!
      *NUUUUUH* Fallout purists all prefer Fallout 1/2. Try again next time!

  • Zaziuma

    Got a few, Uncharted 3, some say it’s better than 2, some says it aint, on single player I think it it, on multi not so much.
    God of War 3, made bosses much more epic, way better graphics, gameplay was better.
    Crash Bandicoot 3, widely said to be the best game in the series.
    Racthet and Clank 3, of the original 3 most say it’s the best.
    Funny enough all Playstation titles, but most took other I could have mentioned also :/

  • Hyartus

    @ No. 8, Halo 3. Although I don’t know why.

  • Justin

    Metal Gear Solid 3. Easily the best of the original trilogy.

  • Justin

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, possibly the best in the series. As well as Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, which was stated earlier in the comments.

  • Justin

    As well as Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, which was stated earlier in the comments.

  • Guy A. Person

    Super Mario Bros. 3
    Castlevania 3
    Star Wars: Episode 3 (Best of the prequels)

    Now you have to send me three things.

    • Dash000

      Also, the Lord of the Rings

  • otakuya

    Sonic 3, BAM


  • ty

    this list is terrible. just terrible. metal gear rising doesnt say revengeance anywhere it just lists the words revenge, vengeance, and avengers. then the silent hill hd collection wasnt even about the title. You just complained that you didnt like the game and that it was overpriced. I hit tom clancy and stopped reading. You complain that war games are a super genre that you dont want to see tom clancy’s name all over but the very fact you mention that these games have oversaturated the market with games like cod coming out annually proves that putting tom clancy above the title is a necessary marketing move to differentiate the series from other dime a dozen war games. another sad top ten article that was poorly written and not thought through at all. could have been a funny, interesting article had you taken the time to be factually accurate.

  • Liam

    Grand theft auto 3, the sims 3, age of empires 3, forza motorsport 3, i had some more but i forgot haha

    • Loledmydickoff

      AoE 3 is not the best in the series, the same as GTA 3.

  • Maulbert

    Mega Man 3 (Better than 2!)
    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (or Metal Gear Solid, if you count Metal Gear 1 & 2)
    Fallout 3
    Super Metroid (AKA Metroid 3)
    Super Mario Bros. 3
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (AKA Zelda 3)

    Whether you agree these are the best titles in their respective series or not, clearly the quality went up.

  • This Guy

    I pretty much agree with TY. After making it to Tom Clancy, I pretty much just assumed that this list was being made by a half-retarded monkey. Then I thought that even a half-retarded monkey would probably list things better than this.

  • Quake III

  • Wii U dead horse? Funny to see how is it a dead horse now that Sony’s “big news” turned out to be so disapointing that nintendo actually gained more profit from it in shares and sony lost share value. Dead horse still kickin’ pal.


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