10 Excuses By Developers That Won’t Be Valid For PS4/Xbox 720 Games

10 stupid things developers won’t be able to say about next gen development.

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30 Frames a Second

Though visible lag only occurs at and below the 24 frames a second mark, 30 FPS is still a little bit low. It has become a console standard, what with popular engines like Unreal 3 being capped at that speed on consoles.

With all the power of next gen systems, we can surely do better than 30 FPS. John Carmack certainly made his claim that next gen will likely stay at 30 FPS on twitter, but I’m remaining optimistic.


A similar complaint to the last one. Why did I fork out for a 1080p TV only to have almost all games run on it in 720p? It’s just annoying and, with the advent of better graphics chips, anything below full HD will have no place on a next gen console. This becomes especially important when you consider the forthcoming sets that support a 4K resolution.

Frame Rate Drops

Even when console titles have opted for the oh-so-pedestrian 30 FPS we’ve come to expect, things don’t always go according to plan. The beat drops, so to speak, leaving us with plenty of visible lag to go around, even in the most polished of AAA titles. At least to begin with, you’d like to think next gen hardware will be powerful enough to avoid such technical blemishes.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • xboxwaste

    Half the stuff you listed wouldn’t be a problem this generation if it wasn’t for the limitations placed by the xbox. Games wouldn’t had to be on multiple discs if xbox didn’t use the VERY OLD dvd setup. Xbox cannot even play games in true HD that is why you hardly saw games made for 1080p because the xbox can’t handle it and what multiplat dev is gonna release 2 different versions just because the ps3 can handle it. Microsoft ruined this generation of gaming by releasing a sub par machine that didn’t have proper technology for this century. The xbox has done nothing to limit this generation of consoles and microsoft is sure to do it again next generation

    • Lmao. Is this a joke? It has to be… PS3 can’t handle 1080P any more so than the xbox can. In fact, some multiplat games run at lower rez and have more frame drops than the xbox version. Neither console has enough power to run a big game at native 1080P this generation; only arcade/psn titles. Nice trolling.

    • Nick Motsarsky the retard

      are you retarded? ps3 can play games in 1080p xbox cannot. simple fact.

    • Guy above is a gay robot

      Actually while the PS3 is capable of 1080p games, most developers avoid it for serious gaming, you’ll find the only games available in 1080p are those that are on rails, you won’t find games like GTA IV running in 1080p because of the load times among other reasons, which btw already suck on the PS3 (something you cannot argue).

    • SirCrush

      Load times are fine on PS3 lol but you have a point, though MANY games don’t run in 1080p because they were developed on XBOX and therefore really shouldn’t be ported to higher-res for increased load times in THAT case. 1080p is beautiful in Wipeout and FF13 but, as you stated, these are fairly linear games without an expansive world to render at once. It’s still a STRIKING difference to see a game in 1080p over 720p and hopefully with faster machines, it will be more prevalent next gen. Matter of fact, judging by how today’s PCs handle 1080 and greater with similar hardware, I’d say this is one thing we can count on.

    • InsertRandomUserNameHere

      I just love how everyone is like, “guy above is a gay robot” instead of giving an actual original user name. Not to say that mine is any more “original”. It’s not. It’s not something I put much thought into, sorry. I’m also not paying much attention to my grammar either, lol.

      Still, I find it hilarious how all of you are calling each other, “fanboy” and/or “retard”, when most (if not all) of you have NO job related experience with these games. So, really, you’re ALL “fanboys”. That is, unless you actual WORK in the gaming industry (and no GameStop does not count). Yet, it’s the internet. So, maybe you do work for EA or THQ or Ubisoft or whatever…though I highly doubt this.

      I also find it laughable that people are comparing 1080P games to their console and personal TV. It’s irrelevant when you boil it down completely. I mean, yes, 1080P is a higher resolution than 1080I, but how many of you would really know the difference? Chances are, your TV has a certain resolution quality, as does your console, as does your game itself. So, you fail to consider that, without the right component/HDMI cables, you won’t be getting true 1080P/I anyway. So, then I read about how GTA isn’t in 1080p when it was never intended to be in 1080p. That graphics alone don’t make for a great game. This is a common misconception. I seriously wish it would end.

      So, long story short, instead of making comments about what games should deserve a “reboot”, it’s all about which king can piss on the next person above while standing on the tiny ant hill. Ironically this post is just as pointless…

    • Are YOU retarded?
      I just got done playing Skyrim.
      In 1080p.
      On my Xbox 360.

      Get off the internet fanboy. Oh, and if you want to talk about a company releasing a “sub par” console in terms of technical specs, you should look at the Wii. Technically speaking the Wii looked like 2003. Admit it, you just don’t like Microsoft.

    • Fanboy alert. Hop off that scrotum stuck in your anus. If I remember correctly, Xbox started off with HD-DVD setup. But Sony bought off the entire market, thus why Bluray is here instead of the HD-DVD. Not to mention, ontop of all that, Sony releases their console a year later with better hardware to boot. Depending on who you ask, they made a good/bad move there. Quit your bitching. Microsoft could not have done anything about this, so the blame falls on Sony’s shoulders for trying to screw Microsoft and ending up screwing everyone. Inform yourself.

    • kevyne collins sucks balls

      microsoft jumped the gun and released early to beat sony and try and get a better install base. If they where not greedy they wouldn’t have released a console adequate to last generation.

  • Ksar

    FFXIII is native 1080p, at least on PS3, but i agree

  • randomguy

    err . there are aleady ps3 games with more than 16 players and also no multi discs due to blu ray.

    • I call it now. Microsoft will be the first game system to do 2 bluray discs and it will be awesome.

  • SUdeveporsCK

    No matter! Developers WILL screw up next gen. Because they screwed up this gen…I am NOT buying next gen. Bethesda needs to shut their doors! Glitchmasters!

  • plsburydoughboy

    How about this excuse: we don’t have the money to optimize it? I have a feeling that’s gonna come up a lot.

  • kupomogli

    Screen tearing and framerate is a big issue for me. If either is very bad it’s usually game breaking to me.

    I think this article should have tied 30fps and frame drops as one and touched on screen tearing. Most people don’t even know what screen tearing is.

  • DarthDiggler

    Yeah this list kind of showcases ignorance here and not an understanding of the technology. The fact is these “features” aren’t just because of this generation.

    Nearly EVERY ITEM you list here could very well happen to a PC gamer who is behind the upgrade curve.

    Also frame rate and draw distance could very well be a product of a robust ambition for the game.

    While I largely hope that these items are features for last generation, there is absolutely nothing in the new hardware that will “prevent” this stuff, it all depends on how the software is coded and what the ambition of the developer is.

    If a developer has to chose between 30 frames per second and having excellent and clever AI — which would you choose?

    Having more memory and more CPU power isn’t a silver bullet its what you do with it that counts. Honestly I hope that developers have more on their minds than 60 frames per second and no draw distance because there is more to gaming than how it all looks.

  • b

    The fact of the matter is neither system can run 1080p better then the other. When a game says it outputs 1080p on a ps3 or xbox, it means it scales at 1080p. Not that its rendered native at 1080p. The vast majority of games on both platforms are rendered at 720p or lower and then upscaled to 1080p… it is difficult to for these games the be played in such high res! Only pc can run 1080p all the time. Next gen console games will be in 1080 though. So stop arguing about what console is better


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