E3 2011: 10 Games that will drop your jaws

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6. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Grainy photo aside, this looks damn good. Seeing more of Skyrim will make this year's E3

Bethesda have had a lot of fingers in a lot of different pies as of late and, with the Fallout series having had a recent release under its belt in the form of New Vegas, the announcement of Skyrim was a pleasant one indeed. A very ambiguous trailer with merely a voice over was enough to get fans frothing at the mouth, so some more concrete gameplay and story info at this year’s E3 will really be something to look out for. I don’t know what will be more entertaining: The showcase itself, or the reactions of the rabid Elder Scrolls fans back home. I talk about their reactions like they are a bad thing but, with Skyrim looking so damn tasty already, their praise and adoration is understandable.

5. Destiny

Times this by a hundred and that might be what Destiny looks like. Show us the good stuff Bungie

Not much is known about Bungie’s new project, but the rumour mill would have us believe that we’re in for a sci-fi FPS MMO. Certainly sounds like a title that will benefit from Bungie’s well honed set of skills. Even if Destiny makes an E3 appearance, it will most likely take the form of a short teaser trailer that will accompany an official announcement. Yet, considering how strong Bungie’s trailers have been in the past, it will certainly be worth checking out despite being a mere teaser. When Bungie talk, people listen.

4. Battlefield 3

There's nothing quite like the multiplayer experience in Battlefield. Let's hope we see more of it at E3


The most recent Battlefield games have been escalating quickly in terms of quality. With Battlefield: Bad Company 2 being one of the best shooters of last year and bringing the series into the console market, the ground work has been done for the arrival of Battlefield 3. When E3 rolls around we’re bound to get some more juicy gameplay footage showing off the new Frostbite engine, and those destructible environments are going to look better than ever. Expect some genre defining changes to take place, and expect E3 2011 to be the start of it.

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  • What about GTA:V??? I figure we will get at least some sort of teaser for it this year at E3.

  • m

    No BRINK? Modern Warfare 3 will ‘drop your jaws’ but brink wont?
    Lets see… Modern Warfare 3: Just Like The Other Three Which Were Just Like The Other Four will drop your jaws but a game that actually looks good and could actually be enjoyable wont?

    • Well if Brink wasn’t going to be released before E3 then you’d be right. But it is. You’re dumb.

  • I know that this “Listing is not ranked”… again, I repeat, I KNOW this “Listing is not ranked,” but you still should have had the common sense to put Diablo 3 in the 1 spot. I guess, though, listing it first is sort of the same thing. Not as suspenseful, though.

    Overall, not a bad list, if you strip out all the FPS’ers. That genre died years ago. Grow up.

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  • You do realize that nobody involved in the previous Modern Warfare games still works at Infinity Ward…right?

    And if you know anything about E3 at all (especially the last 2 years) you know that the biggest jaw droppers will be whatever trailers Blur studios makes…and one of them is likely to be for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

  • All of these games = do not want, except maybe Fiv5. I remember when there used to be so many good games coming out that you actually had to pick and choose which ones to buy. Now you’re lucky to get two or three interesting games per year.

  • modern warfare 3 its the number 1? why? its the best game all time? no? creating a genre? noo! uncharted 2, gears of war 3, mass effect 3 and rage all its the numbers ones!

  • This list is retarded, and suffers from a heavy anti-nintendo bias. Skyward Sword all the way, man.


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