10 Greatest Dialogues In Video Games

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Games are a unique medium for their interactive elements, but the more conventional elements also need to be appreciated. Gameplay mechanics always seem to be the big attention grabbers in games, but music, visuals and script writing are equally important. In honour of this fact, read on for ten of the greatest dialogues in gaming. Whether it’s due to quality, originality or downright weirdness, here are ten examples of classic game script writing. This list may contain spoilers.

Everything about the dialogue and voice acting in Castle Shikigami 2 is bad. Why then is it isn a top 10 list you ask? Namely because its lack of quality is more amusing the most well written comedy scripts. Much like B-movies that are “so bad they're good,” Castle Shikigami 2 has dialogue so poorly written that you just love to hate it.

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    Of all the unforgettable, quotable text in Pokémon you just had to pick Oak’s intro dialogue. Why? Some minutes in Google and:

    “Do you understand why you lost? You have forgotten to treat your Pokémon with trust and love! Without them, you will never become a champ again!” -Samuel Oak

    “Quiet, you lot! Why must you be such a nuisance? Let me list some lessons you still need to learn. #1: Don’t loiter about for no good reason. #2: Don’t interrupt others while they are attempting to converse. #3: If you don’t get your way, don’t raise your voice to be intimidating. #4: Don’t think you’ve grown strong just because you’re in a group. #5: What is with those outlandish outfits you have on? My goodness… You call yourselves adults? You kids, don’t grow up to be like these sorry specimens.” -Rowan

    “What is truly ultimate to you? What do you consider perfection? The most important thing… What shines the brightest… Telling you is meaningless. But I will not give up. I will become a deity one day… And I will make the ultimate mine…” -Cyrus

    “Silence! Enough of your blathering! That’s how you justify spirit as something worthwhile?! That is merely humans hoping, deluding themselves that they are happy and safe! The emotions roiling inside me… Rage, hatred, frustration… These ugly emotions arise because of my own incomplete spirit! … Enough. We will never see eye to eye. This, I promise you. I will break the secrets of the world. With that knowledge, I will create my own complete and perfect world. One day, you will awaken to a world of my creation. A world without spirit.” -Cyrus

    “Come to think of it, ever since our paths first crossed in Granite Cave in Dewford, I had this feeling. I thought that you would eventually become the Champion. My predictions usually come true. And where will you go from here?… Even I couldn’t tell you that.” -Steven Stone

    “Mark my words. Not being able to measure your own strength shows that you are still but a child.” -Giovanni

    “N, even if we don’t understand each other, that’s not a reason to reject each other. There are two sides to any argument. Is there one point of view that has all the answers? Give it some thought.” -Alder

    “Even if you lose in battle, if you surpass what you’ve done before, you have bested yourself.” -Alder

    “Having everything go your way is the road to disillusionment” -Darach

    “Getting wrapped up in worries is bad for your body and spirit. That’s when you must short out your logic circuits and reboot your heart.” -Elesa

    “Together, you and your Pokémon overcame all the challenges you faced, however difficult. It means that you’ve triumphed over any personal weaknesses, too.” -Cynthia

    “An Egg is the cradle of every being. The planet itself is an Egg in a sense… Life that comes from an Egg will come to an end in due course… to begin anew…” -Cynthia

    “I love Ferris wheels… The circular motion… The mechanics… They’re like collections of elegant formulas.” -N

    “You said you have a dream… That dream… Make it come true! Make your wonderful dream a reality, and it will become your truth! If anyone can, it’s you!” -N

    “You said you have a dream… That dream… Make it come true! Wonderful dreams and ideals give you the power to change the world! If anyone can, it’s you!” -N

    “Dream your dream! Follow the path of truth to make that dream a reality, and someday you will achieve all that you dreamed of!” -N

    “Dream your dream! Then, pursue the ideals to make that dream a reality, and someday you will achieve all that you dreamed of!” -N

    “Of course not. I’m doing this out of kindness. Yes, kindness. I’m making sure the Champion doesn’t get hurt for no reason. Granted, the moment when someone loses all hope… I really do love to watch that moment.” -Ghetsis

    “You are nothing more than a warped, defective boy who knows nothing but Pokémon…” -Ghetsis

    “Oh, my. Looks like you’re not my biggest fan. Your opinion is understandable. It happens to be different from mine, which is equally understandable. How about if all people get to decide for themselves how to relate to Pokémon?” -Juniper

    “Pokémon and people do not age because of the passage of time. They get old when the energy flowing in their hearts dries up. This energy in our hearts is powered by truth, ideals, or maybe dreams… That probably changes with what you most hope for in your life.” -Drayden

    “Superior men understand what is right. Inferior men understand what will sell.” -Rood

    “The ability to understand the minds and the needs of others… This is an ability that everyone needs to survive.” -Rood

    “…Breathing. Having a heart that beats. That is simple existence and nothing more for a living being. That may be the definition of living, but I don’t think that defines life. The experiences of joy and suffering are a vital part of being alive. Ghetsis gave me the sensation of being truly alive… What did he mean to accomplish? That isn’t what’s important. Right now, I’m shivering. I’m suffering, but I’m alive.” -Zinzolin

    “Let’s say I’m in a battle, OK? What if I didn’t use my Poké Balls? Instead, I can have my guys come in and out of my Afro to battle. That’d bewilder the other guy, huh? Wouldn’t that be hilarious?” -Flint

    “Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites. I like your style. You understand what’s important. Go on—the Champion is waiting.” -Karen

    “Strength and strength alone is what matters in this world. So I believed, until I met Alder here. But, winning in Pokémon battles isn’t all there is to life. Once I learned that lesson, my eyes were opened to many different things. We all have our own brand of strength, people and Pokémon both. The strength to make our dreams a reality, the strength to protect to protect a reality, the strenght to protect what we hold most dear… Why do I think this way now? It’s thanks to you… And Bianca… And Alder… If only N could see this, too, someday.” -Cheren

    “Come on, Cheren. Could you smile just for once? Taking everything so seriously all the time isn’t going to change anything. You know… Since we’ve met our Pokémon and walked the same roads together, a lot has happened… We’ve all changed a lot! We found out that the things we want to do and the things we can do are different for each of us, right? That’s what’s made our journey so worth it. Somehow, all this just makes me happy.” -Bianca

    “There are bad ways to win– and good ways to lose. What’s interesting and troubling is that it’s not always clear which is which. A flipped coin doesn’t always land heads or tails. Sometimes it may never land at all…” -Grimsley

    “Always be smiling! Luck comes to those who are happy! That’s why I always keep a big smile and believe in my Pokémon when I battle.” -Dahlia

    “You must never forget there is a place where everyone can shine.” -Argenta

    “Starting now, I’m gonna get angry!!” -Hihihiroshi

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      Wow this is really too tl;dr, didn’t seem like when you are copy-pasting…


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