10 Mistakes That Sony Should Avoid While Launching The PS4

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Sony are one of the strongest multimedia companies in the world, but they haven’t exactly had a perfect record when it comes to console launches. With the recent release of the PS Vita, all eyes are focused on Sony’s launch strategy for their new handheld and, coupled with their past system launches, it becomes easy to question how Sony might want to launch the PS4. In the spirit of humorous negativity, here are ten launch mistakes Sony should avoid with their next generation console hardware.

The big issue the PS3 faced during its launch was its horrendous price tag. In comparison to competing consoles and past Sony products, the PS3 practically cost an arm and a leg; a con that no doubt dissuaded many potential buyers. This high price was justified by the systems numerous features, but it proved to be a serious dent to the system's early sales. Sony have managed to price the Vita comparatively well, so we can only hope this trend continues with the PS4.

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  • Ray

    this seemed to me more like you were bashing Sony and the PS3, in hopes that they will rush the release of their next console, which they dont need to do, cuz based off how the Wii U and Xbox 720 are finally upgrading there consoles to match the PS3, by the time the 720 comes out and its all about the tablet controllers, Sony will simply announce that the PS Vita will work exactly like a tablet controller that you can connect with the PS3 and play games that way, Sony is already ahead of what your article states and they have hardware engineers working on making a more prevalent gaming console that will carry Sony for another 10 years like how the PS3 has since the PS2.

    • Michael Towns

      Three hundred bucks is a pretty shitty price point for a tablet controller, but It’s classic Sony so it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Jorge

    i don’t think the PS3 price is as bad as people make it out to be.
    The system itself is impressive, and with blu-ray built in and free online gaming, it’s price is not that ridiculous. PS3 was around $500-$600, the blu ray feature is easily worth around $100. Xbox360 price was $300-$400, no free online gaming or blu-ray player. lets say since launch in 2005 you pay the $50 a year for xbox live, you would have spent around $300 just on the online service. In addition, xbox360 didn’t have rechargeable controllers, so expect to either buy batteries, or pay for the new rechargeable controller.
    In the end i believe ps3 was a better buy in the long run

    • King

      I agree, the PS3 is a durable buy as I still own my console which was the first version design and my non-dual shock controllers have seen better days but one works perfectly fine (I’m struggling with the R2 on the other controller which – is a common problem on the newer versions as well). I am not sure that the weight isssue is such a problem, I actually prefer a light controller – my only issue is the oily grip which could use a rubber accessory grip kit – even on the latest controllers.

      I had the “yellow light of death” problem but I solved it by using my sister’s blowdryer to melt the solders and after cooling off – the gaming continued to this day. My major complain with the PS3 is limited apps, poor music management system (the music and video playlists and general compartmentalisation of albums, should get SERIOUS attention.) And please! give us more visualization graphics during muic playback!!!!!! The WMA non-compatability is also seriously annoying for gamers with no ethernet connection.

  • charles2029

    They almost always get the pricing wrong, but when you get what you pay for, the quality of their hardware never seems to disappoint.

  • Musser64

    I agree with this.


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