10 Most Amazing Draw Distances In Video Games [PICS]

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It happens all too often. You have an expansive and rich open world game but, if you look to far into the distance, the landscape deteriorates into a mess of colour and blurred textures. In favour of the games that avoid this pit trap, here’s a run down of ten games in recent memory with an impressive draw distance.
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It's Crysis, what else needs to be said? This bad boy is still used as a benchmark for graphical prowess, and this is in no small part to its technically baffling draw distance.

If any of your personal favourites have been missed out, let us know what they are in the comments below.

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  • Lair for the PS3 should be on there; the draw distance is incredible, especially since it came out in 2007, is at 1080p, and is 60fps.


  • uncharted 2 shouldn’t really just cant count,all that scenery in the distance is just a back drop, its not real, its not a part of the game world and you CANT go there,so rendering a backdrop of some inaccessible mountains shows nothing about the draw distance.

  • Ummm, where is Xenosaga and Shadow of the Colossus? I’d say that those games top MOST if not all on this list. I don’t think I’ve ever seen vistas as huge as Xenosaga… we’re talking 10 miles at least. And that’s Wii for god sake!

  • lxpod

    Both Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 had abaing draw distances (although not high enough to beat the top half of the list) Grand Pulse on xiii had some amazing views with giant creatures moving around everywhere even outside the explorable area.
    Xiii-2, I loved Acedemia 500 af, tonnes of floating shit everywhere as well as rendering all of the buildings and I also quite liked the atriach (can’t remember spelling) Steppe ???af.

  • Tom Gunz

    No Skyrim means there is potential for more misinformation. I had to register with this crappy site to say that. Bye.

  • Madrr

    No pics from Assassins creed? The view from the various viewpoints ni AC looks amazing.

  • anony-Mouse

    Hey “Gamingbolt”, try putting all ten selections on a single webpage you can scroll down instead of this abysmal, page by page shit, only to be denied access on “page six”.. Your website is behind the times and needs improvement and no, I was not able to use it due to user difficulty. I will not be recommending this site because frankly, your website user experience SUCKS.

  • Jimbo

    Can’t belive you didn’t get a nice pic from half-life 2… what a shame! XD

  • Mr.

    where the hell is xenoblade? i saw all images and i was like ” xenoblade landscapes or draw distances are WAY better than all of this, if you dont believe me check the images for yourself , you won’t regret it trust me.
    Sorry if bad english n.n

  • blak

    And where is Arma (1,2) in the list

  • Sorry but Fallout 3 native draw distances were a joke. The only time you got distance was with manual ini tweaks.

  • tybodger

    also have to disagree with fallout. draw distance is only seemingly long because of the lack of items on the horizon, its all sky which is hard to determine whether its a blurry mess or a crystal clear image since its practically a unicolor wall. not with you on gta either. sure you can see larger items like buildings at a pretty decent distance but the detail is non-exsistent. i thought detail and clarity was the basis for this list.

  • wheres assassin creed 3

  • Beardtongue

    You forgot Dark Souls… For a game that cramps you in tiny corridors a lot, there sure are som beautiful views. And the best part is that you can get to almost everything in your view.

  • a2001potodyssey

    did an article about draw distances but didn’t include the game with the biggest the arma games.

  • Kalas

    Where is Xenoblade Chronicles X! xD


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