10 Most Amazing Finishing Moves in Video Games

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Gaming is a very egotistical practice. Most games revolve around some form of competition, and, whether it be against the computer or a buddy, competition must at some point breed humiliation. With this in mind developers have created some fantastic moves that will make the game for you, break it for others, and generally destroy your opponents. Here is a list of the ten most humiliating or powerful finishers that sprang to mind but, as always, feel free to add your favourites in the comments section below.

10. The Indy 900 (Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater)

For the sake of representing as many genres of game as possible we start the list off with the Indy 900. The trick was what catapulted Skateboarding star Tony Hawk to fame, and it basically consists of nailing a 900 degree spin in the air. Sounds easier than it is. It might not be a total game making move, but it sure as hell looks cool and it’s one of the more iconic moves to grace a skateboarding title. Now if only the Tony Hawk series was still relevant… Thanks to coolbats4 for the video.

9. The lightning bolt (Mario Kart)

It still brings back memories. Mostly bad ones

If an important part of the finishing move revolves around humiliating your adversaries then the lightning strike must be considered up there with the greats on account of its ego destroying potential. The lightning power up is generally only available to those Mario Kart players who are further back in the race. One use of the weapon will shrink all opponents, decreasing their speed drastically. It’s a nasty experience hearing the thunder and suddenly seeing the guy who was in last place cruise past you in your, now microscopic, state. Painful stuff indeed.

8. Metsu Hadouken (Street Fighter 4)

We all love a good Hadouken now and then. We all love a gigantic Hadouken even more. When Street Fighter 4 came along back in 2009 we were all wowed by its unique new visual style, but the thing that was most impressive about this was the new finishing moves that just looked totally bad ass. As if this wasn’t enough the metsu hadouken can be linked into a vast array of Ryu’s combos, making the move both deadly and versatile. The video comes courtesy of Shoryuken1981.

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  • Oh it’s even better, because the article is on 3 pages, and each time you change pages a new video starts, even if you muted the one on the previous page.

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  • rak33n

    i agree with the metsu hadouken that move whoops ass in street fighter

  • lukepc92

    that countdown timer in mw2 is the sound of pure terror, there is nothing on earth like it

  • noxtics

    yeah i am going to have to pick mortal kombat as my favorite i just love the exaggerated kills they’re just hilarious.

    I think you guys might have to redo this listing when the new mortal kombat comes out though because the new fatalities in that game are just nuts!

    They really take the details of how gruesome the fatalities are to the next level.

  • Yes, even I play such games mainly because they have a detailed finishing and plots. The structures itself are mind boggling.

  • aquaman22

    Damn watching that MK throwback was refreshing! lol I really enjoyed those by reptile since he was my favorite character in the game! I never really did care for the nuke, not because i wasn’t good enough but rather because of all the damn cheaters who used to get that like nothing. Aqua Out

  • I have seen many games which have great finishing. They are literally worth dying for. But still some times there are monotonous paths as well.


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