10 Most Beautiful Looking Sky boxes In Video Games

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Any guys out there who have taken a lady out on a really clichéd date will know the overpowered nature of the sky as a force of romance and beauty. Female readers out there have probably had this particular dating tactic used on them at some point, but it is understandable why looking pensively at the sky has become such a classic. At whatever time of day, a clear view of the sky can be breathtaking, and it’s something that animators have been trying to capture in games for decades. With open world games being more popular than ever, the sky box has been getting some serious digital love, prompting a run through of ten games that have beautiful looking skies.
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El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

El Shaddai is a masterstroke of visual spectacle. You can admire your Killzone's and Crysis' all day but, whilst Ascension of the Metatron may not stand up to these games technically, it's creativity is off the scale. Even the skies follow the abstract principles of the game\'s vivid art style, mesmerising and tantalising with every successive level.

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  • I think i’m going to stop reading all your top 10 bullsh* articles now.
    Why don’t you just use your own pictures to JUDGE the games!

    using a damn official pictures released from publishers justifies nothing!
    Do more work and look for screenshots that can be compared or simply just get your own screenshot to show why you picked them under your 10 list!

    And don’t you think it’s pathetic that you keep using these type of articles to get hits? when will you start doing real journalist work which is digging?

    either stop this sh* now and do real digging, or put more work into these articles to MAKE us feel why we should be stunned by clicking on the next page. Because it’s farking annoying to keep clicking on next page to see a dumb screenshot that doesn’t showcase what you are talking about.

    • BK

      I see these kind of posts every single day, and still people keep coming back to read this stuff… If you really don’t want to read this anymore, then stop coming here

  • I’m going to stop coming here until they learn how to put multiple entries on a single page. Ad scam…

    And yeah, the photos are horrible. Take in-game images, or find a new career. Really, these images justify a single entry per page?

    Not worth it.

    P.S. Stop posting your own crap to N4G.

  • cusman

    Should not have wasted a slot in the list of ten with Pac-Man


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