10 Most Disturbing Video Game Performances Ever

Voice acting is one of those more modern beasts, a luxury that older hardware was never privy to. Now that we have it regularly though, it’s one of the most variable aspects of a game. Some titles hit the nail on the head, whilst others totally let down a decent story with lame vocal efforts.

Then there are those other rare examples where a vocal talent is so appropriate, so in character, or so down right odd that it’s just plain disturbing. We’ve got ten of them together for your reading pleasure. This list may contain spoilers!

Do you agree with our list? Do you have anything else to add? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Iain Topp

    My number 1 somehow didn’t even make the list. Mike Patton as The Darkness.

    • Roberto

      Classic lain! You always have the greatest choices good sir!

  • Tom

    I am pretty sure the actor’s name is Mando not Mondo…

  • Paul

    You fail. Crispin Freeman as Albedo in the Xenosaga series is the most disturbing video game performance to date.

  • Ben

    Um, the directer from manhunt…

  • Akhaten

    …i can not beleive that MM’s HMS isnt here !

  • Jack

    Number one was perfect. No joking here. That list was glorious.

  • Guy Cihi

    Wow! What a treat. Thanks for thinking of me. GC

  • Brandon Roberts

    seriously yeah james is a psycho but everybody who ever worked on making silent hill is too

  • robthom

    I found the dude-bro protagonist and his buddies from far cry 3 vastly more disturbing and offensive then any silent hill creature.

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