10 Most Expensive Video Games In Recent Years

There’s no denying that gaming is an expensive hobby but, as tempting as it is to debate the current RRP of games, this article serves to look beyond the average price of games. Whilst most of the discs on your shelf will likely have set you back £40/$60, there are plenty that are worth more than that. Even discounting games that have become hugely rare over the years, many recently released titles have come in at astronomical prices for one reason or another as of late. Read on for 10 of these expensive games from recent years, but don’t get your hopes up of being able to fork out for too many of them any time soon.

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  • Brian

    GT5 Signature Editon (RRP: $299.95) didnt make the list?

    • Kartik Mudgal

      You are right, but the author must have forgotten that 😛

  • fuckthislameasssite


    • Rc

      U stupid.

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