10 Most Hated Water Levels In Video Games

There are some water levels in video games that bring you nothing but hate, rage and frustration.

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There are plenty of missions in gaming that folks either despise, fear or downright loathe. Some parts of games are universally hated, while others are person-to-person; a much more direct and personal form of hatred. Everyone has a mission or a location in gaming that they hate.

The funny thing about it all is that it’s usually a terrible experience in a certain level that causes it, like being stuck for hours at a time or having the same boss stomp a mud-hole in your eyes every time you get to him. However, there seems to be one kind of level that a lot of gamers almost universally dread playing through regardless of what game it’s in. Some of those levels, stages or instances are the water levels. A nasty water level has existed as far back as gamers can remember. You’d be hard pressed to find this type of hatred for any other stage in a video game.

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

This water level was a pitch black pit of crap.  Anyone who remembers this little puppy will remember getting shocked and stunned by the worlds most malicious sea weed. All just to disable a few bombs from blowing up a tiny little dam that may, or may not have flooded the city.

If you could take your time it wouldn’t be all that bad, but it’s one of those damned levels that also has you racing against the clock. Looking at it now it doesn’t seem all that bad, but as a kid this level was a formidable hurdle to get over, in what is one of the more difficult games from our childhood.

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  • anan

    That TMNT. I spent lot of hour there.

  • Ajdurk

    Wow, I remember that TMNT water level. I never beat it as a kid. Pain in the ass.

    • whatit oya

      hey Ajdurk give it another go! it’s so much easier 2 decades later haha! i for one think that game has stood the test of time

  • whatit oya

    man that water temple somehow made me feel claustrophobic. and i like enclosed spaces!

  • Eman4evr

    Ummm what about monster hunter 3?

  • Matto

    Commander Keen 4 – The Well of Wishes.

    Those who have played will understand the complete ballache that level was.

  • colgruv

    Your grammar needs some work. 🙁

  • Miguel Castro

    OoT’s Water temple wasn’t that hard for me, even as a kid I would help my older brother get past it

    • yesorno

      Agree. I had no trouble at all beating this when I was a kid and I found the water temple (and the entire game) highly enjoyable.

    • Miguel Castro

      I did get stuck in the game a couple of times, I tried to get past King Sora to Lord Jabu-Jabu without showing him the letter from the Princess because she said in the letter not to show it to him.

    • Alex Romero

      I wouldn’t say it’s a hard level, it’s just incredibly tedious.

    • Miguel Castro

      It may have been tedious to you but that’s not why it ended up on this list, most people probably just found it difficult to keep track of all the different water levels

  • Thor Erik Printz Brostigen

    Is this the RIGHT time to say that Underwater levels are amongt my ALL time favoutite levels in many games?

    I LOVE the water levels in Donkey Kong Country on SNES/Famicom.
    Like the mario ones and probably most of the levels mentioned here if I play them all.

    Though TMNT is really a Pain in the Ass of a game. So the water level there looks really difficult but also COOL 😛

  • Verdis

    Omg i loved Hydrocity in Sonic! If anything it was the least frustrating water level because there were loads of really fast points. IMO the hardest part for new players is the very start of Act1, trying to avoid those piranhas, but once you reach the surface after what is about 20secs of gameplay it becomes the easiest water level in Sonic history.

  • Guest

    Hey! I loved hydrocity was one of my favorite games in Sonic 3. But i agree the first Sonic water was hard when i was a young.

  • Hinaru

    hey i loved hydrocity in Sonic 3 especially since they give you that bubble power. I miss though now. Now Sonic 1 and 2 now that’s another story.

  • bigtruckseriesreview .

    THE TMNT water level was AWESOME. Back when you actually had to have a brain without ADHD or AUTISM to play and finish a game. Now everything is DUMBED DOWN.

    The guy playing NEEDLESSLY kept getting injured.

    That sea anemone that kills you instantly still scares me shitless.

  • bigtruckseriesreview .

    METAL GEAR SOLID 2 was a complete letdown for me after the first game was so awesome.

  • Ranadicus

    The water level in Megaman 2 trumps all of these combined

  • Michael

    Though it’s not technically a level Vashj’er in world of warcraft should definitely be on this list

  • karl

    Where’s Blightown???

  • tom

    id have to disagree the water level in star fox was the coolest one and the one i treid to get to the most! the darkness and unlimited torpedos was the coolest and the boss and follow up was phenomenal!

  • Steve Newell

    definitely gonna have to agree with gloomy galleon… that’s the farthest ive ever got in the game…

  • Mawille

    Where is the Great Bay Temple from Majora’s Mask?

  • Mats Sundsfjord

    I remember clearing that dam-level one time on my beloved NES-machine, without touching a single sea-weed once !


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