10 Most Offensive Video Game Adverts

The last memorable advert you saw was likely to be one that was largely offensive as, let’s be honest, they tend to be the most memorable. Game developers, publishers and retailers are also no strangers to this tactic, with a number of game adverts being banned for their offensive natures. Read on for ten of the most offensive game adverts out there. Warning: Some readers may find the following videos and images offensive.

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  • Abe

    This gallery is screwy on firefox, ie and chrome.

  • djm

    There’s nothing offensive about that video clip . cant stand critics that over analyse something that isnt bad or wrong .

  • ghgh

    lol what? you forgot the fact that the women are still dominating the men in that video. i would understand if they where all pouty miss princess but they arent. (even if they where , theres nothing wrong with that.)

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