10 Most Racist Video Games You Will Ever Come Across

Most top 10 lists of gaming are created with the express purpose of praising those titles that strive for excellence. Others are for making fun of those that don’t cut the mustard. This one is for actively ranting about games that are just far too offensive for their own good. Read on for ten videogames that are so racially offensive they should be avoided where possible. This list may contain material that some readers may find offensive.

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  • Gaming Bolt Guest

    Wow…. Just wow… Who the fuck in his/hers right mind would make such a prick do an article about most racist videogames… Seriously, this guy just doesn’t get that most of it is for fun. A joke. Harmless fun. If you can’t take that, your national pride is either way too high, or you’re just waaaay too sensitive. Just my opinion.

  • Jakers

    Wh-Why? How? Why was this even posted? What a stupid and irrational peice of shit article! Shame on this stupid ass website!

  • Michelasso

    I have been living 3 years in Dublin. An Irishman whom doesn’t drink is considered sick by his Irish friends themselves. What’s the fooking point? GTA games are far more racist.

  • GrumpyCowboy

    I wasn’t offended about the Drunk Irish guy. He was colorful. My grandpappy was Irish, and drunk, and he made that guy look like a Mormon missionary. *side note, my favorite thing to do in RDR, aside from hunting, was lasso’ing mexicans and dragging them behind my horse. There is something immensely satisfying about that. Yes, mexican NPCs are a requirement. American’s don’t deserve such horrible treatment during the height of their empire.

  • DanSkeans

    whoever wrote this is overly sensitive, have a beer to increase your balls.

  • Sven

    This article has to be one of the worst gaming “news” pieces I’ve ever wasted my time with… Honestly, there are two or three of these that are valid- the Aryans and the Custer game being the biggest- but most of this list is someone absolutely stretching, actively TRYING to declare games racist. Please, stop publishing this bilge…

  • sasa

    re 5 is not a racist game (just telling)


    Ahhhh……..’Mericans taking offense at their perceived 4th generational Irish-ness………

  • Paul Kmf Tubbs

    I’m mostly Irish and I couldn’t give a f*ck.

  • MF Cutty Flam

    i wish disqus would de-list you

  • Brandon Roberts

    i looked at the video thing for number ten and immediately regretted it. i think hitler would love that ethnic cleansing one at least it’s creators love him.

  • Brandon Roberts

    nice list! but can’t believe you forgot border patrol D:

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