10 Most Wanted Locations/Cities For GTA 6

Although years away, we’re already thinking about where the next game could take place.

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Grand Theft Auto has had a series of settings, most of which we’ve revisited already. San Andreas, of course being one of them as well as Liberty City. Both of these were heavily inspired from  Los Angeles and New York City respectively. While these are some great locations, we’re going to have to see more from Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto 6 to help keep gamers interested and to compete with all the other free roam, sandbox-style titles.

More exotic locations would be nice to see, but even the more mundane examples will work as well. It’s not like locations need to be made up completely out of the blue either. There are some wonderfully vibrant and lively cities around the planet. There’s no real reason we should necessarily be stuck in the United States, which is where the overwhelming majority of the GTA titles have taken place. In fact the only GTA game that has taken place outside of the U.S. was Grand Theft Auto: London, a game that was released way back on the original PlayStation. So let’s take a look at a few possibilities for Grand Theft Auto VI.

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1. Hong Kong:

This one’s kind of obvious, while games have taken place in Hong Kong before it would be incredibly interesting to see Rockstar’s version of the city. The large island off the coast of China’s mainland would certainly be a good starting location and it is already surrounded by water.

The dense cityscape would be sure to make for an interesting environment. There are plenty of neighborhoods and locations to explore, so this one would be a great spot. The rich atmosphere and culturally distinct city of Hong Kong would definitely give the series a change of pace.

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  • Golden Tongs

    why not make GTA6 into GTA World, where they could have multiple cities
    and simply keep expanding, raise your level to a point where actions in
    one city have a knock on effect in another, global deals etc, would work
    great for online play too, why not become a global gangster/king pin, u
    should be able to get through the ranks better rather than always being
    a street soldier

  • Minz

    How about the character you play is an Asian gangter in American but part of the Yakuza. So you can spend half the time in the US, drive to the airport and catch a plane to Japan to join up with some others. So you just go back and forth between the two countries. Also a HD remake of London could be cool

  • Dustin

    Paris end of discussion.

  • Vincent

    Mexico and the Texas should win the Gta next location think about it crime rate, beaches, mansions, Women,Gangs is all a fit for the game this one should have a Black man, Mexican man, White man in a story line behind it Mexico got ghettos mansions and beaches so as Texas
    In Texas has the country part they should have a borderline for the game where you cross or hop to get to another side. I think they should use Mexico City, Cancun, Tijuana And rich parts of Mexico

    In the Texas part they should use Brownsville and the borderline parts of Texas and they should use San Diego cause San Diego has a lot of mansions in it is beautiful.

    • They’ve had enough black men and white men as protagonists. Mexican i agree with. A japanese or N arab maybe too

  • hunner


  • LeRapace

    Canada one made me laugh.. no offense.

    Asian fanbase compared to the West is drastically different – I don’t think that’d be wise. If not in North America, London seems the absolute best. No really tall buildings except the Eiffel Tower but the buildings, and the lush greenery that surrounds Paris would be a nice change.

    For the sake of sales and to not mess with the ‘magic’ I’d bet everything on it staying in the US in regards to mock cities.



    • Ace


  • Bob

    Why not London?
    Missions: Bodyguard for David Cameron and have to prevent an attack
    Travel from one side of the city to another ONLY using the underground
    A West Ham fan ordered to gather a army and fight Milwall fans
    Landing a helicopter on Wembley pitch
    A kidnapping mission against the Queen
    Add all the airports: LCY,LHR,LGW,LTN,STN.
    Streaking around Trafalgar square during the rush hour evading the police
    Getting the Queens private army:SAS involved
    Okay theres no beaches, and not many clubs but the MISSIONS?????
    Soo many options mission wise
    Rockstar LISTEN to me

  • martrel peoples

    How bout we just stick with Vice City, okay? Thanks. I would be a damn shame if Los Santos, Alderney, and Liberty City got their shine in the HD Universe but the best game of all 15 GTA titles doesn’t get an HD remake…


    Gta 6 should be continuing dl content for gta 5 then eventually gta 6 world. It’s gotta be a 500 gb to 1 tb game. I’m just starting gta v and have played all of the series to death and love it for the open end world not so much the violence. What I love is the realism and the only thing lacking in 5 realistic interaction between what you could do in reality and games. For instance say you see a hardware store you should be able to go in and browse the aisles make any purchases for your home if needed etc.. A hotel entrance should have a lobby a host and a bar. The little things are getting better it’s just bigger disk space to harness this.

    • Mujtahidul Haque

      5 was made on a $265 million budget. What you’re suggesting would cost a billion dollars to make.

  • Jeremy Thomas

    How is Hawaii not on this list?

  • Ray Myers

    Putting GTA outside of the US I think would hurt sales and cause great uproar unless it’s London, one of the first titles was GTA London 1961 and its expansion pack 1969 was a classic but this was even before the 3D universe, but seeing it in the HD universe would be incredibly entertaining. Plus the term Grand Theft Auto is a type of crime committed and documented in the US, when you steal a car in the US that’s literally what it’s called.

    As for what GTA VI will be, my realistically backed hope is that it’s either going to be the HD version of Vice City or the GTA World (United States). This must include the all the cities that Rockstar has previously made for the settings of their games in the GTA continuity. This includes:

    • Los Santos and surrounding area (represents: LA/South Central California) appears in (GTA 1, GTA San Andreas & GTA V).

    • San Fierro with surrounding Bay Area cities (represents: San Francisco, Oakland, Berkely/Bay Area) appears in (GTA 1 & GTA San Andreas).

    • Las Venturas and surrounding area (represents: Las Vegas/N.LV/Henderson and Mojave) appears in (GTA 1 & GTA San Andreas).

    • Liberty City/Liberty State and surrounding area (represents: NYC, The 5 boroughs inside it, Long Island, Coney, and parts of Upstate NY) appears in (GTA 1, GTA III, & GTA IV).

    • Alderney City/Alderney State and surrounding area (represents: Newark, Trenton, and Atlantic City) appears in (GTA IV).

    • Carcer City and surrounding area (represents: Detroit, Flint, Chicago, Great Lakes region and Cleveland) appears in (GTA III Lips 106 FM and Manhunt).

    • Vice City and surrounding area (represents: Miami, Palm Beach, FT. Lauterdale, and The Keys) appears in (GTA Vice City).

    • Cottonmouth City and surrounding area (represents: Atlanta, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Houston) appears in (Manhunt 2)

    • North Yankton State/ North Yankton City and surrounding area (represents: North and South Dakota, Montana, and possibly Wyoming) appears in (GTA V).

    • Bullworth City and surrounding area (represents many New England style cities, but is primarily based on New Hampshire) appears in (Bully and referenced in GTA IV).

    As for cities that need to be parodied/covered by rockstar for future GTA titles.
    • Washington D.C.
    • Denver
    • Seattle
    • St. Louis

    As for the person who posted this list. You’re and idiot. You obviously have not played Grand Theft Auto before. First off; Las Vegas and San Francisco have been done before in the 3D universe in GTA San Andreas. Granted I feel like you’re talking about the HD universe in this post but you speak as if they’ve never been done before and they have.
    As for GTA III taking place in Vice City??? You’re extremely uneducated in this game series. GTA III which was released in 2001 took place in Liberty City, the New York City of the GTA universe and was revisited again in GTA IV. Vice City took place in of course GTA Vice City released in 2002. Educate yourself before you make posts like these. – Ray

  • Mujtahidul Haque

    No, you idiot. It’s St. Augustine, Florida. But that’s only if you’re counting European settlements. Some ancient Native American civilizations had even older cities.

  • Seattle would never be the setting of a gta game the gangs there do nothing but threaten to kill each other there’s a video on youtube right now of a “Blood” and a “crip” just arguing in downtown Seattle for the whole video over who bumped who. NY or LA there would be no talk just gunplay. Also other countries would suck as a location because most countries are racially homogeneous China and Japan are. Your list sucks. Kill yourself

  • David Dupree


  • Icefrout

    GTA will always be in America, Rockstar said it themselves. Not to mention, if it wasn’t, you couldn’t get guns so easily.

  • Steven Tyler

    bruh Texas would be amazing… do you know how many hilarious stereotypes of the south they could throw in there…

  • Byron Gardner

    I’ll love to have this game in Detroit

  • Daniel Hurt


  • Nick

    Hong Kong would take out the element of “I could walk into the same store I would rob in GTA


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