10 Most Wanted Locations/Cities For GTA 6

Although years away, we’re already thinking about where the next game could take place.

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Grand Theft Auto has had a series of settings, most of which we’ve revisited already. San Andreas, of course being one of them as well as Liberty City. Both of these were heavily inspired from  Los Angeles and New York City respectively. While these are some great locations, we’re going to have to see more from Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto 6 to help keep gamers interested and to compete with all the other free roam, sandbox-style titles.

More exotic locations would be nice to see, but even the more mundane examples will work as well. It’s not like locations need to be made up completely out of the blue either. There are some wonderfully vibrant and lively cities around the planet. There’s no real reason we should necessarily be stuck in the United States, which is where the overwhelming majority of the GTA titles have taken place. In fact the only GTA game that has taken place outside of the U.S. was Grand Theft Auto: London, a game that was released way back on the original PlayStation. So let’s take a look at a few possibilities for Grand Theft Auto VI.

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1. Hong Kong:

This one’s kind of obvious, while games have taken place in Hong Kong before it would be incredibly interesting to see Rockstar’s version of the city. The large island off the coast of China’s mainland would certainly be a good starting location and it is already surrounded by water.

The dense cityscape would be sure to make for an interesting environment. There are plenty of neighborhoods and locations to explore, so this one would be a great spot. The rich atmosphere and culturally distinct city of Hong Kong would definitely give the series a change of pace.

  • Brad

    It should totally take place in Chicago! # 1 murder capital of the world, I mean come on!

    • professional bob

      Its not even close to #1 murder capital… If you look at the top 50 list for murder rates only 4 cities are from the US and those are Detroit, New Orleans, St Louis and Baltimore.


    Have you ever played any other GTA then GTA V Grand Theft Auto has been placed in Liberty City, Los Santos and Vice city vice city was not included at all in the xbox 360 so obviously it will be on the next gen!

  • Skyline93br

    No spoiler zone. It´s cool.

    The most probable next cities could come in just one time. Gta V: Episodes From San Andreas. This would include Los Santos (L.A.), San Fierro (San Francisco) and Las Venturas (Vegas) separately, but accessible only by travels. So Gta V Characters (Michael, Trevor and Franklin) could join this new pack storyline.

  • Jacobi Coriolanus

    Rockstar already said it will always be in America and it won’t be in the future. And what anyone with any sense says, if you want to try out a drastic departure you will “make a new series.”

    GTA is not the Sims, its not Saints Row, its not Assassin’s Creed. Its not Skyrim.

    You’re going to get Vice City or Las Venturas. Its going to be about Scorsese type gangsters and satirical commentary on contemporary events. You’ll screw hookers and kill people for drug deals and government corruption. Thats what Grand Theft Auto is people.

  • Tony

    they have overdone NYC with liberty city many times. Same as San Andreas, Vinewood, and los santos because those three cities are almost the same. Vice city was miami, they did that a few times. lets try something new. how about chicago or philidalphia, i dont know about u but that would be cool! i loved gta 5 but the city part was a little to small for me. So how about making a life size chicago or philly, i would be a LOT of work but it would be EPIC!!!

  • Kfresh

    I think it should be in Charlotte or las Vegas

  • Ricardo

    This guy must be an idiot, he must of never played a gta before V. Las Vegas had been done, in Gta San Andreas, it was called Las Venturas. And gta 3 wasn’t Miami beach it was New York (liberty city). Vice city is Miami in the gta universe. And San Francisco had been done too, in gta San Andreas it was called san fierro. Can’t believe this guy wrote an article on a game series he doesn’t know nothing about

  • Gtalover

    Atculay Rome to

  • Gtalover

    Paris, Jerusalem or Montreal.

  • Gtalover

    Paris is nice and actually has a lot of crime, Jerusalem and some wars in it right now and it also a cool city to visit these 2 are my top one’s

  • Gtalover

    My 3rd city would be Montreal because of it’s Culture it might not happen because Canada is to peaceful, I’m from Canada and it would be cool to play it my country, the independence thing is going on to so rockstar can add protesters.

  • Annonymous

    please be in philly my hometown, since I knowity well I want to see if its well like rl

  • Dragunov14js

    I think that Detroit would be a good location. There is poverty on one side of 8 Mile and the modern, bustling city on the other side. Then there would also be snow in the winter, allowing for the addition of winter vehicles (snowmobiles, snowplows, etc.) Then, there’s also the Great Lakes and the countryside, which is further away from Detroit.

  • Marshmallow

    Liberty City bigger as Gta V map would be great.
    I think i’m the only one who liked Gta 4 xD



  • Edin Lukavackic

    Bullshit! Cape Town would be the best NEXT GEN LOCATION for GTA 6!

  • Edin Lukavackic

    Ps: It is certainly that the next GTA would not play in USA.

  • Ian

    Love Hong Kong and Tokyo. Miami and Seattle sound intriguing. The rest, not so much.

  • Dirty Dean

    I would love to see Toronto in a GTA game. It seems like a good fit with the weather systems that could be implemented and the characters and politicians from the city. You can even put in some gangs in the corrupt parts of the city like you said. With a dense city core and a large suburban and rural areas, I think Toronto should be the next place for the game. The only reason why I think this dude said Ottawa is because he wants to drive a car on the frozen Rideau Canal.

  • JXS

    I’d want Washington DC. I had a blast with Fallout 3 and think GTA would do that city justice….. so to speak.

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