10 PS3 Games We’ll Wind Up Playing On The PS4

Having let us in on at least a portion of the PS4’s features, Sony are in quite a strong position to springboard from their February unveiling. We’ve been given a few game announcements, just enough to whet the appetite, but with plenty of room left for new titles to dominate E3.

Though we’re excited for next gen games, they never all come at once. To fill the gap, we’ll likely be dabbling in the backwards compatibility Sony have promised us via streaming. They’re making good of their union with Gaikai, offering a variety of past Sony titles on the new console. We aren’t sure of what games will be available at launch, but here’s the PS3 games we’d be using to keep our system warmed up while we wait for the decent system exclusives.

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  • James Beatty

    But, doesn’t the PS4 lack ps3 BC?

  • John Obvich

    It does. The idiots are talking about repaying for the games

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