10 Reasons Why Black Ops 2 Will Change Call of Duty Forever

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was officially announced yesterday (even though, it was more or less confirmed for many weeks before that), and the trailer that was shown was nothing short of brilliant. The details that have been released for the game so far are very, very interesting, and it certainly looks like Black Ops 2 might be the overhaul that fans have been clamouring for, the change that Call of Duty is in desperate need for. But will that be the case? After five years of practically releasing the same game over and over, will CoD finally grow?

We certainly believe it will, with Blops 2. Given below are ten reasons that clearly support that assumption. Tell us what you think in your comments below!

Future warfare

Just as the first Modern Warfare was a significant jump, being the first game in the series to be set in modern times and not during the Second World War, Black Ops 2 might be the same, becoming the first game in the series to leap to the future, being set in 2025 (for most of the part), and not in modern times. The game will have two storylines- one set in 1985 near the end of the Cold War and the other in 2025, during the second Cold War between US and China. Both the storylines certainly sound very interesting, but I’m curious to see how Treyarch will handle a futuristic setting. We already know we’ll be using futuristic gadgets (like drones) and weapons and vehicles, but how much will the time leap affect the gameplay? That remains to be seen, but we certainly are very curious.

More complex storyline

Treyarch has always been very good at delivering complex storylines. World at War was a particularly good game, and Black Ops told a thrilling story with very interesting twists at the end. While fans may have sworn off CoD stories with Modern Warfare 2 and 3 and their Michael Bay-ish narratives, it looks like Treyarch is coming back with a bang. Black Ops 2 will follow the story of Alex Mason, protagonist of the first Black Ops (his story being set in 1985) and his son David Mason (2025), with both the timelines being narrated by Black Ops character Frank Woods. We will also learn more about the Reznov hallucinations Mason kept having throughout the first game, so that’s something we’re all looking forward to. The setting is certainly interesting (thankfully, we won’t be fighting Russians or Germans all the time) and the futuristic leap, as mentioned above, will certainly mix things up in an interesting way.

Strike Force

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is introducing a new mode called Strike Force. It isn’t exactly a mode, per se. It’s actually a part of the single player campaign itself, but it’s something players have never seen in the series before. Throughout the campaign, depending on how the story progresses (more on this later), you will be opening up side missions to tackle. You can do any of them in any order you want, and you will unlock different missions in each playthrough. Here’s how Activision describes the Strike Force missions- “You’re going to choose a mission and that’s a branch for the story. Say there’s three missions out there—you’re not going to go back and play all of them; the story goes on. If you die on a strike force mission, you die in the story.”

So… that sounds really good! Strike Force is more like RTS missions, with you giving commands to troops from an aerial view. It all sounds very unique and interesting, and we’re curious to see how it pans out.

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  • DevilMayCry

    I Miss The Old Days cod:mw2 & cod:mw these were the best cod games ever!! not to mention it it has more better graphics than any other new cod games the should put the old game engine’s back with more improved gameplay

  • Bob

    Sports games like madden and hockey make the same game every year why can’t a first person shooter. Every cod breaks a sales record that the previous game broke so why wouldn’t they bring it back!

  • Bob

    Also no one that comments on this article hates cod of duty or why would you be in this article I read them cause I like cod, I’d don’t look up final fantasy or madden cause I don’t like those games.

  • You know what I’d like to see change? THE GRAPHICS AND PHYSICS ENGINE!

  • some dude

    Personally I enjoyed every COD game, but there are some things I hope that they would incorporate into upcoming games.

    Firstly I wouldn’t mind seeing bullet ballistics, ie bullet drop, wind resistance etc, the amount of times i have lost a fire fight against some dude with a submachine gun, when I’m double the distance outside of his firing range has gotten old after the first few times.

    Secondly I would like to see a better physics engine, watching myself do a double roll in midair after that grenade goes off is very repetitive. This isn’t the diving comps. Bring out the ragdoll effect.

    And last but not least, Let the bullets fly and the cartridges and guns stay. I would like the bullets to be seen if you were in theater mode, paused and after your gun has gone off, not some white yellow line that might have a place if it was a star wars game. Let the empty shells, cartridges and clips stay on the ground. These would add that touch off realism to the game. The guns, how many times have you killed someone in close quarters, turned a corner to kill someone a fair distance, ran low on ammo went back to the first guy to collect his gun only to find that the game has swallowed your would be weapon? This has happened to me way too much to be counted. Lets hope that this is fixed.

  • RaZoR

    Mw3 Was Sucks very sorry for iw to making a sucks game after great games like mw2 and cod4

  • MW3killa

    I sure hope they get rid of lag compensation… That’s what ruined MW3

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