10 Role Playing Games To Look Forward To In 2013

The hottest RPGs of 2013!

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There’s a small group of people who claim that the role playing game as we know it is dying out. It’s a difficult concept to swallow, but there are plenty who support such a notion. Even if you think the RPG still has plenty more to give, there’s no doubt that its significance as a genre has decreased rapidly since the 32-bit generation. Though it may be a form that is currently in decline, that doesn’t mean next year will be lacking in the role playing department.

RPGs are something that have a nice audience nowadays, but it’s just a matter of one game to reignite the fire back in the people. 2013 may be the swansong year for the PS3 and 360 as we look forward to the next gen consoles. Hopefully, these RPGs sets a trend that follows into the next gen and beyond. 2013 looks set to be a good year for the RPG, and here are ten reasons why.

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Though the Divinity series may not be the best known or most highly regarded gaming franchise, it offers tried and tested RPG goodness consistently well. The latest instalment includes a fully cooperative campaign and a tricked out modding tool ready to go from launch. If a mod scene gathers around Original Sin, this may become one of those games that just keeps on giving.

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  • what a shitty list

    no etrian
    no generation of chaos
    no fire emblem
    no 100 witches

    just generic crap from the west mostly

    • western RPGs have been better then Jrpgs for a long time now… get with the program.

    • Monster hunter, Etrian Odyssey, Fire Emblem, Shin Megami Tensei, Bravely Default, Ni No Kuni, (rebuying ps3 when this releases-sold it when I finished portal2), etc

      Both wrpgs and jrpgs have their pros and cons, I personally prefer jrpgs but that’s just me I suppose, in fact the last wrpg I genuinely enjoyed was Neverwinter nights, great game.


      maybe in your dreams. Jrpgs have basically crushed wrpgs every year

      I mean seriously even if we take a snap shot of first quarter 2013

      etrian IV, xillia, ni no kuni, generation of chaos VI, fire emblem vs what on the wrpg side? a southpark rpg by a bankrupt dev?

    • Esco

      Maybe lately, but this is only because JRPGs have somewhat dipped in quality (it used to be the case that almost all were awesome), and WRPGs in the last 10 years have FINALLY become worth playing (Planescape Torment was good though). I think it’s because, like JRPGs, they actually focus on a story, rather than just creating a world and a lot of things to kill. Gone are the non-existent, paper-thin, cliche and beyond forgettable stories of WRPGs (Baulder’s Gate I’m looking at you), replaced with well-written epics.

  • mediocre list, and the first thing about RPGs dieing out or being less significant? are you crazy?
    RPGs are the 2nd best selling and most popular genre of games. I guess skyrim was bad now or sold little? the problem is many RPGs are mediocore, too short, or boring to play/buggy.

    Look at gothic 4 arcania, it could have been ok but it only had like 15 FPS on xbox so it was unplayable. Tales of Vesperia could have been good but the game was 1 giant quest, with little else to do except the main story.
    Rainbow moon was a grind and dragged itself out and was mostly boring turnbased combat.

    on the other hand, we got Skyrim which is the best RPG this gen. Fallout 3 and new vegas were pretty good as well and refreshing since it was a different setting then most RPGs.
    Mass effect, though a mediocore game, has probably the best scifi story line of this gen, mass effect rivals star trek and starwars as Sci fi story lines.
    Dragon age origins was another OK game with an epic story.

    • Will

      What?? Lol. Mass Effect is arguably the greatest trilogy of all time. What are you talking about? I agreed with you until you said Mass Effect was “mediocre.” That’s laughable.

  • Guest

    Fuck this click hungry PoS site with their mediocre lists.

  • Titan

    What a crappy list!! Most look like JRPG’s which I ferverently abhor!!
    that aside – the featured names look more like a sell attempt of JRPG’s rather than a genuine attempt at comipiling a list

  • CD PROJEKT RED! Cyber Punk Rpg will own this list!

  • Jayson

    are all you people freaking retards because i swear he said upcoming and those are the upcoming rpg for the people naming other games or say all are jrpg shut the hell up what do you know that coming out so far but these games dummies. he’ll probably update the list once more rpgs are announce. read first before jumping to conclusions and the summary is debatable and his opinion but the list is the list!!!!

  • jrpgs are the only rpgs worth playing anymore

  • RiuChan

    I can’t wait for Tales of Xillia!

  • BountyFox

    > List of Role Playing Games
    > Dota2 (it’s a MOBA)
    > Dies of cancer

  • Bub

    On a brighter note, did anyone but me catch the Monty Python reference?

  • Ksar

    mediocre list.

  • Why does it seem like the article demands a “real time combat system” ??? It’s final fantasy… Final Fantasy = Active time battle, turn based combat. If they do a real time system then awesome, if they do a turn based then awesome.

  • FK77

    Whar? No Dark Souls 2? One of the best RPGs in my opinion.

  • Bobby Ryan

    Awful article. Barely any of these games are actually rpgs.

  • Wickford Cully

    Roll on Project Eternity release date and lets finally get back to that Baldur’s Gate quality RPG experience: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Eternity

  • RPG superstar!

    I have just one word for this “list”! ..terrible …also horrible!

  • Sp333th

    This is not an RPG. It’s a MOBA. Whoever wrote this is stupid.

  • Shaving Rip Offs

    You’re asking me to scroll through 10 pages to find your top 10 list?

    If that isn’t a blatant attempt at getting me to click on advertisements, I don’t know what is.
    You can take this top 10 list and shove it directly up your arse, you fricking idiot!!!
    I despise tactics like this and won’t stand for it at all.

  • Will

    I look for Dragon Age: Inquisition to be a beast… Probably a game of the year contender.


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