10 Terrible Games That Took Way Too Long to Make

Time is money, some say. So it remains that this is one of the aspects of the gaming industry, a place where more time and money consumed during development usually results in a better game; or at least this used to be the case. As hardware has advanced and development has become cheaper, more and more independent devs are proving that money isn’t always needed to make a fantastic idea come to fruition. Certain triple AAA developers are also proving that time doesn’t always make a great game either. Whilst there are probably a number of examples of great games that were made very quickly, this article will focus on the other end of the spectrum; those games that took so long to develop but didn’t justify the amount of time invested in any way. Read on for ten of the worst games that took an outrageous amount of time to develop.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sunshine-Castro/100002596052163 Sunshine Castro

    Brotha Duke Nukem Forever and Dead Island both are fuckin awesome games. And APB Reloaded is also good after all, not great but is a good game. This list sucks seriously.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/william.thousand William Thousand

    I liked dead island, sure it wasn’t GOTY material, but it wasn’t terrible either.

  • likalaruku

    Where’s Daikatana?

  • asdfjkl

    the only thing I agreed on this list is Duke Nukem Forever, other franchise is an ok game for me

  • Teek

    no Alien: Colonial Marines?

  • Sir William Wallace

    Team Fortress 2 is missiong on this list.

    • jason

      There was nothing wrong with TF2 The Game. It was great fun tons of people played it and some still do. GW2 was a let down for anyone who played 1. Doom 3 should be on here. Your nuts or trolling if you are talking about TF2 The Game being on here

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matt-D/574045576 Matt D.

    so no diablo 3 on this list? wtf do you all see in diablo 3 that makes it a “good” game? what the hell does it have to do with the diablo story line? there is no darkness, or atmosphere to the game. i dont want to hear, “diablo 2 got good with LOD”, no it didnt, it got better, D2 was already good. i really dont see what the fuck makes diablo 3 such a good game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matt-D/574045576 Matt D.

    oh, and alex, blizzard got rid of blizzard north long before their D3 was completed, so they ultimately had nothing to do with the D3 we have now.

  • stroudiemusic

    Star Trek Online?? Sorry but I strongly disagree. It is a solid game and is ever expanding and getting better. And why isnt Aliens: Colonial Marines in this list?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacksen.pham Jacksen Pham

    Left out Aliens: Colonial Marines… I want my money back gearsoft!

  • http://www.nintendoworlds.com/members/turbopikachu.22921/ TurboPikachu

    Another possible entry for the list could have been Kirby’s Return to Dreamland. Started out in 2005, to be the GameCube’s swan song… But it disappeared, and resurfaced in 2011 as the Wii’s swan song, and upon hopping on board the Wii U, I left the old Wii on a rather bland note.

  • That ork

    Daikatana was crap,Perfect Dark was a ok game,APB is shitty,Dead island is fucking fun as hell to play,Ultima just needs to end,Uru was not to good,Star Trek Online is one of the best MMO thats FTP,Darkfall Online sucked ass,Too Human was not a very well made controller based game but it was good for story.

    • That ork

      Oh and I did not list forever for the one fact 15 years and all we got was a steamy ass pile of shit topped with a huge wast of money and development time from what we could have gotten on its first promo way back in the early 2000’s E3.

  • JJMasterz1230


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