10 Things That Will Make God of War: Ascension Better than God of War 3

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God of War: Ascension was recently announced and while it managed to shock everyone by being a prequel to all the God of War games, the interest in the franchise seemed to be waning a little. Of course that could change once a new gameplay trailer is shown.

Here are 10 things we want to see in the game that will make sure that it ends up being better than God of War 3. It has to be noted that Stig Asmussen is no longer the game director, and Todd Pappy takes his place.

Lots of gore

Gore is a staple of the God of War franchise. God of War 3 exceeded all boundaries in this respect by featuring some of the most brutal moves ever; tearing off a head or pulling out an eye, it had everything, but we want more. Why, you ask? – Because that’s the way to play this game, and it works.

Complex combat

Combat in God of War games has mostly been criticized by many for being too simple and generic, and we agree. It was never the intention of developers to go for a complex combat which are seen in games like Devil May Cry or Bayonetta, but we want a combat system like that. Simple combat makes it less satisfying and we hope God of War: Ascension changes this.

Hugely upgraded visuals

God of War 3 has the best looking visuals on the PS3, and that is a fact. Of course, some people may say Uncharted 2, but the image quality in God of War 3 was never seen before on a console. While it was Santa Monica’s first game on the PS3, there is a lot of scope for improvement and God of War: Ascension may turn out to be their best work yet.

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  • gabyt


  • Amen to the no sex mini game, lol.

  • leon

    fact is mister god of war remains the king of the hack n slash genre….
    it took the crown from DMC and it will keep it

    failyoneta ? the game was pure crap if it was SOOOOOOOOOOO awesome like you say it is then why it sold only a mil copies on ps3-xbox combined?

    expect more gore
    better visuals but you DONT fix what isnt broke nuff said.

    the king is back baby about dam time.

    • leon

      kratos isnt likable ?
      what r u smoke dude ?
      are a hater or something ?

      everyone fcking love kratos cause he isnt the typical mister i give a dam about everything…..he simply DONT GIVE A FCK

    • Kratos is a symbol to all real men .. real warriors .. and with no doubt . gow is the best of the genre

    • Sales don’t show how good a game is. Trust me, Bayonetta is far better than you think it is.

      And the only reason it took the crown was because DMC 4 wasn’t as good as DMC 3 and no new game has come out since then (Until this year’s DmC).

      So your point is moot. Retarded. And stupid.

  • Lemmy78

    waning interest..? Whos..? GOW is GOW lol we dnt need this n that all we need is Kratos and his anger… Plus the MP is dam fun…!


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