10 Things That Will Make PS4 A Better Console Than PS3

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Speculation is the veritable spice of gaming journalism and, with everyone getting their knickers in a twist about the future generation of gaming, it seems like a good time to assume the crap out of the PS4. If anyone with affiliations to Sony winds up reading this, take note of how to do things right this time for, while the PS3 has done a stand up job this generation, it certainly had a rocky start that we want the PS4 to avoid.

Improved motion controls

Rumour has it that the PS4 will include body sensing technology in the same vein as Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor, an interesting notion indeed. With Sony’s commitment to the Six axis and PS Move motion controllers, it also seems highly likely that Sony will be continuing their foray into motion control. They’ll need to be at their peak though as, whilst the Move was an impressive piece of kit, the Sixaxis was a bit of a poor effort, and Sony will have to offer an even better selection of games in order to compete with Microsoft and Nintendo when it comes to motion control.

Enhanced media support

Offering DVD and Blu-ray support in the PS2 and PS3 respectively was a stroke of genius by Sony, but the PS4 will need to offer even better media compatibility in order to stay competitive. Small improvements like MKV playback, alongside more essential upgrades like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio support for Blu-ray playback will really put Sony in the lead as far as multimedia experiences are concerned.

A better controller

I don’t mean to be a hater, but the original sixaxis controller is among one of the worst controllers in gaming. Its underused motion controls, high price and fragile nature make it one of the worst investments in modern gaming and, whilst it was improved by the infinitely better Dualshock 3, it still remains a blemish on Sony’s usually impressive track record. Let’s just hope Sony get it right this time by including a solid controller from the word go that PS4 users can be proud of.

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  • Grrr

    I know I’m late on commenting here, but I just want to point out at a few people on here that keeps saying that xbox has better games than Playstation…… OK, I’ll put it like this, more than 90% of the games sold on the xbox…. Playstation had first, so if it wasn’t for them you xbox fans wouldn’t have crap but your Halo, Forza, and Fable. So if anything xbox needs their OWN IDEAS!! Just like when someone on here mentioned that Sony had the eye toy back on the ps2, yeah he’s right, Sony had motion gaming out before Nintendo even did. Either way you look it, it will always be Playstation and Nintendo, xbox is done after the 720 anyways , microsoft is just going back to pc gaming only according to a few people at Epic games…

    I already pay for internet.. why the hell would i pay for another internet fee just to play online? Thank You for giving free service Sony!

  • Top 10 reasons a Console we know next to nothing about MAY rock!
    I’m a new reader and I’m going to browse around a bit but if this is the type of thing I’m to expect I’ll be taking my spare time elsewhere.
    Atrocious Article.

  • Kevin Wilkins

    You probably are black and stole your ps3 and can’t afford a gaming console to begin with, paying your internet bill with food stamps aren’t ya? Ps3 had nothing going for it except god of war, uncharted, and heavy rain other than that the system is crap. Xbox has had everything since day one, the 360 is the ultimate gaming machine well untill the Xbox one comes out. But even then you crappy casual gamers or guys who play sports games only and think your hardcore gamers will have something to complain about. Hey I saw a black guy playing the ps4 he was playing a game called knack and all I could think is wow look at that knacker…get it haha noobs


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