100 Greatest PC Games of All Time

The list here shows you the very best of what PC gaming has to offer.

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As we come to the end of the year we’d like to take a step back and look at past PC games. Games that have inspired us, awed us and really defined us as gamers. Some of these games have been a symbol of gaming excellence and will continue to be in our thoughts and hearts for many years to come. And though some of these games are not PC exclusive, they were just too good to be left out on this list. So if you are looking for the best PC games to play and feel like a blast from the past, this list is for you.

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List is in random order.

100. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory was probably the last Splinter Cell I (and several other fans) probably enjoyed thoroughly. The game really goes above and beyond in terms of stealth, gameplay and story. There are many ways you can go about your mission and there are plenty of gadgets that will really make you feel like a bad-ass. The game’s plot goes through various twists and turns, but ultimately it is a satisfying conclusion worthy of a Tom Clancy title.

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  • Po

    Who makes this articles, you have to click 100 times to see the whole list.

  • Sam

    Diablo 3 is Number ONE?!?!!?!?!?! Are you sh*tting me??

    The idiots at Blizzard even came out recently saying that they made the PC version of D3 to test it out before they port it to the consoles.

  • Sam

    #1 is D3?? Uhm, sorry but that’s a bunch of bunk. People who have played the 2nd and 3rd have all come out saying they would rather play the 2nd. In fact, a lot of people who use to play the series went to Torchlight 2 because it’s considered the true sequel to the second.

    D3 doesnt even deserve to be in the top ten, there are tons of games on your list that deserve better

  • Just why?

    This site is bullsh*t, artificially boosting how many people are visiting this site and how long they stay on by making click a 100 times to see random crap. Can’t stand it

  • Web Design 101

    Website Designers: 100 clicks? Really? How about ‘View as List’?
    Web Managers: Do you know your designers are doing this?
    Advertisers: I am leaving this page. Money well spent?
    100 clicks.. wow.

  • Ryan Kline

    Spore should not be on any lists for greatness. That game was an abomination.

  • Kreeseen89

    99 clicks later… and… this piece of crap? This doesn’t even deserve to be on this list…


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