100 Greatest PS3 Games of All Time

The greatest PlayStation 3 games of all time.

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The PlayStation 3, despite being on the cusp of last generation status thanks to the announcement of the PS4, has had a great run and still has tons of games coming out. For those who’ve never experienced gaming on the console, or wonder what are some of the top rated games for console, we present our Top 100 PS3 Games of All Time list. We even included some of the upcoming exclusives and AAA releases to come out this year. Have a look and let us know if we missed anything.

Do you agree with our list? Do you have anything else to add? Let us know in the comments section below.

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100 -Trine (2009)

100 -Trine (2009)

In this game you can play as a thief, a wizard, and a knight each with their own unique skill set. The game takes place in a medieval fantasy setting. The players are given daunting tasks and how you solve them is entirely up to you as each problem can be tackled differently every time. Trine is truly an exciting and beautiful game.

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  • The Mad Man

    I’m sorry, but you can’t claim a game that isn’t even finished being developed and out a “greatest PS3 game of all time”
    even at number 98 I knew something wasn’t quite right, I thought “wait, I don’t remember this game being out, and when I got to the top 20, it is littered with games that haven’t even been released yet. Watch Dogs, GT6, GTA5, Batman: Arkham Orgins… I mean come on really?

  • Velox

    Another 100 page garbage article. Go figure. Signature GamingBolt.

  • Thalmar The Magnificent

    This list sucks

  • DuckNation

    gamingbolt fails once again

  • Gromobradi

    Wait, what?
    What fool made this list?

    I mean, if a game is not released, then either WAIT for it to be released, and THEN make this list, or simply don’t put it on the list.
    I mean, everyone thought that Aliens: Colonial Marines will be an amazing game, and it turned out to be a CRAP game.

    So how can you possibly be so SURE that some of the games on this list will be a Top10 of All Times material?!.

  • Lenin

    Wow!!! Really??!! Was the dumba** that made this deplorable list on some type of undiscovered narcotic!!?? Many spots were pretty much squandered with games that haven’t even come out yet, the hell’s up with that?!! No Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, or Modern Warfare 2, two of the most revolutionary FPSs ever?? What about Battlefield Bad Company 2 as well??

  • Annon76

    The last time I saw a “top 100” list for video games on this website, 1/4 of the pictures were not matching the game titles, the article was on graphics comparisons and another 1/4 of the pictures were box art covers (kind of useless for graphics comparisons) and the rest of the article was a mess. Now I see this and am positive that it wasn’t a mistake the first time. The editors and journalists of this website are uninformed, unprofessional and obviously completely removed from gaming culture.

    Putting unreleased games on to an “all times greatest games” list is irresponsible and unethical journalisim.I know these lists are opinions but the rest of the list just shows how clueless the author(s) are.

    Turn it into a sports scores website or something else that you can spoon-feed to the masses because your average gamer is not this stupid. Something tells me that the people running the site are nothing more than a bunch of corporate shills just pumping out fluff that is of no actual relavance to anyone.

    Oh and making us scroll through 100 pages (so you can register 100 hits) for a 2 paragraph article is kind of stupid being as how any webpage designer worth their weight in salt knows not to do this…..EVER. (The page reloads show your navigation system is somewhere around 1994)

  • caca

    royale is in my top ten ps3 games….every single day i play that game 😀

  • Niko

    Pls remove Witcher 2 from the list because it isn’t a PS3 game, it’s Xbox/PC ….

  • jens

    ever played cod? call of duty games…. mw3 bo bo2 that are the best games there are. there is almost only rpg or rpg related games in ur list…. do somthing about it make desent list. or keep it for ur self. wasted my time on this one………………… and btw xbox and pc is not the same as ps3. there are games in ur list that are not releast for ps3. looks like a noob here……………. om.g

  • JP

    I am not loading 100+ pages with ads etc etc to see what your list was.
    To much loading.


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