11 Strangest Characters You Will Ever Come Across In GTA 5

While the main characters in GTA V are completely unhinged the friends they keep seem to be just as crazy, if not even more so.

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There are some real characters in GTA V, I don’t mean that literally, of course. Well, I do mean that literally, because everyone in the game is a work of fiction. Anyway, what I am getting at is some of these characters embody the most ridiculous stereotypes and some of the most outrageous and entitled attitudes that hopefully, none of us ever have to deal with in the real world.

When it’s presented to us in the form of a game like Grand Theft Auto it’s hilarious. At the same time if we were to run into characters like this in the real world we might think they’re weird, crazy, or even worse. A violent psychopath whose only real purpose in life is to make others feel terrible. Thankfully though, most people aren’t like this and GTA’s characters remain a carefully craft of satire and pure ridiculousness.


Michael’s entitled, pop-culture, girl from hell, daughter is a real treat. With her as a daughter and the way the rest of Michael’s family is, it’s no wonder he went back to a life of crime. We’ve probably met, or at least spotting a person like this out in the wild in our real lives.

They are absolutely maddening to deal with, or even to simply observe at times. In a world like GTA though, she fits just perfectly. Her obsession to be famous, and yet completely talent-less certainly makes for a few great missions in the latest installment in the series. This daddy’s girl grew up to be an attention seeking individual whose selfish, stupid actions are almost guaranteed to entertain you.

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  • John Tremendol

    Are you kidding me? Barry? It was supposed to be trevor all the way!

  • Mitesh Ghanekar

    this is just a list of characters in the game

  • buttsagington

    actually when he met trevor he fought clowns franklin did nothing to him

  • Nana Tran

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  • dig

    who the fuck wrote this last one? I can’t even understand it, so many spelling and gramatical errors

  • Heisenberg

    Well, I think the strangest character in the entire series is Franklin’s ex, Tanisha, who abandoned the ghetto life and decided to marry a doctor, like a normal person!
    And I say, when does we encounter a normal person in the GTA series? The strange is the rule

  • Rami Casla

    Tonya is missing


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