14 Worst Final Video Game Bosses

Not all games can have amazing final bosses. Here are 14 such bosses.

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Final boss battles are an important part in any video game. They test your skills, standing as one last challenge before the game ends. The final boss in any given game is meant to present a sizable challenge while still ending the game in a satisfying way. However, this doesn’t always happen. Here are 14 worst final video game bosses of all time

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Joker – Batman Arkham Asylum

The Joker is one of the most memorable villains in history. But when Rocksteady pits you against the maniacal clown at the end of Arkham Asylum, they messed up in a spectacular fashion. The battle between the Joker and Batman has always been one of wits, but this particular fight throws all that away. Joker injects himself with some of Bane’s toxin and suddenly bulks up, grows claws, and gains a spikey green Mohawk. He then proceeds to sick hoards of his minions as Batman, occasionally jumping gin to throw his own punches. After the amazing journey that was the first Arkham game, this boss fight was lackluster and went against everything that has been established about the iconic Joker character.

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  • Fletchnut

    You did play these games, right? Because GoW 2’s ending in no way resembles what you described. You are, in fact, riding a Brumak (not lambent…yet), not being chased by one. Once you shoot down the pillars and hop on the Raven, then the Brumak goes lambent. Annnnnd yeah. Definitely agree that it’s a very lackluster ending to an otherwise great game.

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