15 AAA Games That Will Be Awesome For Sony PS4’s VR Headset

PlayStation games that Sony should introduce to their upcoming VR headset.

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Technology has paved way for a lot of things, quite a lot of them unimaginable. Starting with the the expensive vacuum tube computers used by scientists, and coming to the infinitely more capable microprocessors present in everyday things, we have come a long way in defining the role of technology in our lives. The gaming industry has always been one of the most fervid adopters of new technology and as a result of the same, we get to witness the few of the most brilliant technologies that have been introduced by humanity. The latest in the line? Virtual reality.

Given, that virtual reality had been present for quite a while before now, but it had never quite been capable of attracting as many eyeballs as it does now. This immersive way of multi-media interaction found its way into gaming a handful of years back but only now has it truly shown itself. This first came to the front with Oculus Rift, an upcoming virtual reality headset. Now competition is hard to kill in this day and age.

And so, we already have a number of competitors not far behind. Valve was quick to say that they will be coming with a headset of their own and now Sony has taken up the call by announcing that they will introduce their virtual reality headset. With a console as good as the PS4, there ought to be some sweet games that should take advantage of the virtual reality headset. Here’s a bunch of PlayStation games that should make it to the list of virtual reality compatibility for Sony’s upcoming headset.

Note: This list consists of multiplatform games and is not only limited to exclusive titles.

15. FIFA 14

20. FIFA 14

Fifa is one annual series that everyone look forward to. EA manages to outdo themselves year after year with every subsequent titles and it is heartening to watch them bring more realism and dynamism to the game. What better way to make it a virtual reality compatible game. Sony could really step things up for the franchise with its already huge fanbase on the existing consoles. What really makes the prospect worth looking into is the Be A Pro mode.

This feature has proven its mettle over the years and could prove to be one of the best ways to experience a match if FIFA titles become virtual reality headset compatible. With the camera following around your player in the field with the roaring crowd, every goal you score would be breathtaking moment. I see a lot of potential in this but EA Sports will need to work hard to make bring greater realism to the game if they wish to make the truly immersive.

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  • Mephistopheles

    some ok ideas in here but I think the best experiences would come from First person innovative games like Portal and Mirrors edge, love it or hate it, free roaming up a skyscraper and jumping down 20ft to a ledge would be thrilling.

  • jb223

    I like these ideas, thinking of Uncharted on VR it sounds amazing. I know there are limitations and many considerations to take into account, such as motion sickness all the way to technical issues, but I’d love to see VR split the difference in some instances. Create boutique & indie titles strictly to fully take advantage of the tech, then give players some small options in these bigger titles to use VR here & there, limiting motion sickness. Imagine playing the next Uncharted traditionally up to a point where a big set piece is about to take place. VR users could be given an option to put their headsets on and experience these set pieces in first person, that could be great. Granted it might be a bit immersion breaking to be told that these sequences were about to happen, but on the adverse, those are the parts that could really shine in VR, and if they start out only showcasing the VR in a few sections, the rest of the game wouldn’t suffer & those w.o VR wouldn’t be getting any lesser experience, all while allowing devs the opportunity to test the tech for future full game VR experiences.


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