15 Big E3 Announcements Nintendo Must Make To Remain Competitive Against PS4 And Xbox One

It’s high time that Nintendo responds with some cracking announcements at E3.

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E3 is almost here. For those of you who do not know what that is… get out! For those of us who have been waiting since the final day of 2014’s E3 for this year’s to premier, the wait is nearly over. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is revving up to be one hell of a show. From amazing new tech such as Microsoft’s HoloLens– which brings augmented reality to our fingertips; and Sony’s VR solution– allowing players to finally step into their game; to all the newest games not yet revealed. Taking place in beautiful, sunny Los Angeles, California where the heat is ramping up on the beach– and hardly anything is more exciting than to know June is finally here!

As with most e3 events, Microsoft and Sony will be duking it out on stage throughout the four day (officially three days) extravaganza amongst other companies as well. It is the duty of each corporation to detail a rough blueprint of their products, games, designs, etc. for the remainder of the year, and the next year to follow. Though this is indeed a show for gamers like us, E3 is ultimately a convention for investors and companies that intend to sell these products. Nintendo, like recent years, have decided to opt out of a staged media briefing– however, their company and games will be in attendance on the showroom floor. And opting out of a show that allows the entire gaming world to take witness in what makes their console unique and a must have, is another step in a series of wrong directions Nintendo have been taking recently.

Microsoft have began to gain steam over their competition; promising a big media briefing filled with first party games as they have proclaimed their show as the “greatest games line up in Xbox history.” Sony so far this generation have been the team to beat and it is their show to lose. With all this spectacular news foreshadowing the events to come, what can Nintendo do to stay competitive against both Microsoft and Sony? Here is our picks of the top 15 things Nintendo can do to put on not just a great showing but an amazing one.

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Raise The Roof. Then Drop The Price.

wii u

It’s no secret that Nintendo’s Wii U has been struggling right out of the proverbial gate– even when Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were still battling it out against the original Wii last console generation. Nintendo has seen increases in demand for their main home console every so often with big and major releases. That momentum just isn’t enough. Pulling that price down may just be the key for a brighter future.

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  • Dr.Ghettoblaster

    My top 5 Nintendo 2015 E3 wishlist:

    5). Mario Galaxy 3, Mario Sunshine HD, or SM3DW2
    4). Starfox gameplay trailer & confirmed 2015 release date
    3). New Zelda WiiU trailer (SHOW US A DUNGEON!!!!)
    2). New F-Zero WiiU or F-Zero HD collection (SNES, N64, GC 3 games on 1 disc)
    1). Metroid WiiU reveal trailer!!!!!!!

    • Dirk

      If they put Metroid before Zelda, it’ll be a finger in the eye of their base.

  • Valkyrine

    At this point Nintendo can’t do anything to save the WiiU. The console has not been able to convince anyone (other than Nintendo fans) to purchase it. Time to throw in the towel. NX is the last chance they have to make a worthy console. If they don’t succeed then they need to leave the console business and be strictly games only.

    • 12Stepper4Life

      Well said. Agreed. And this is coming from a Nintendo fan all consoles owner. I’m getting tired of buying Nintendo consoles for 5-10 essential first party titles only.

    • Valkyrine

      I have bought NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, GB, GBC, GBA, DS, DSi, 3D. So I do support Nintendo. But the Wii U just didn’t appeal to me. I wanted something that they just didn’t meet. I’m really hoping for the NX to be a great console but as a father of 5 kids I can’t be buying two different consoles especially if one only has 5-10 good games that are repeats of their previous console and lack of 3RD Party support because it’s not powerful. Shame because at E3 I wanted one up until I saw the specs….

  • jsty3105

    Bayonetta 2 is published by Nintendo and rated M in the US

  • Ducked

    Nintendo just published Bayonetta 2 last year, a M rated adult game. They’re also publishing D3, a M rated game coming to Wii U.

    Nintendo has already said they won’t be showing new hardware at E3. It will be focused on Wii U and 3DS games coming out in 2015 and some in early 2016.

    Mario Kart 8 is probably the best looking game on current gen. If developers don’t squeeze all of the juice out of the hardware, then what’s the point of having a more powerful console?

  • Kaihaku

    I came intending to read your list…but the clickbait “slide” format kills all interest. Try promoting readability over maximizing clicks.

  • Dirk

    Nobody is predicting NX will be a console. We will see.

  • alxe mend

    sony are beating themself.

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