15 Buggiest Games Ever Released

Whether they make you happy or sad, these games had bugs for days (and even years).

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Bugs have always been an interest, both positive and negative, in the gaming industry. Whether they make us laugh or scream out in anger because you just can’t enjoy that hotly anticipated sequel in peace, bugs will always be around, long after the apocalypse has claimed all humanity. Let’s take a look at the 15 buggiest games ever released, ranging from the downright awful and unplayable to “This should be another circle of Hell”.

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Superman 64

You haven’t played a terrible video game until you’ve played Superman 64, an N64 release from Titus Software which successfully ensured no future Superman games would ever be made. From the massive amounts of clipping and horrible frame rate to pathetic AI, abysmal collision detection and other frequent bugs, Superman 64 is a tribute to the lowest lows that video games can sink.

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  • A_Gobshite

    Goat Simulator

  • scalpod

    An intuitive interface is a bad thing? How very *un*intuitive…

  • David Brown

    Just checking to make sure BC3000 was in there… carry on. Oh, and prepare to be sued by Derek Smart for putting it in there.

  • Oh come on! Fallout 4 is, by far, the buggiest game I’ve ever played in over 40 years of gaming. It even beats the awful Red Baron 2/3D (which also doesn’t make the list), and both far outbug Skyrim and AC Unity, which were both stable and bug-free in comparison with either of those games.

    • 277Volt

      I was a victim of the Daikatana foolishness and would have never believed a company could do something that broken again. Then I bought Fallout 4 and realized how wrong I was.


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