15 Cool Features You Probably Don’t Know About Horizon Zero Dawn

Amazing facts you need to know about the upcoming PS4 exclusive RPG.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn is supposed to be one of the biggest upcoming PlayStation exclusives. When it was announced back at E3 last year, everyone was taken aback at its freshness and the sheer audacity, and all the footage and information that has been released since then has only served to make everyone following the game even more excited.

While we do not have an exact release date for the game, we know that it is supposed to hit the PS4 sometime this year. So as the anticipation builds and we keenly await more information, let’s take a look at everything we’ve been told about the game so far and highlight what look like some of its best features.

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It is a fully open world action-RPG

 You do not usually associate Horizon developer Guerrilla Games with role playing games, given the fact that their most popular achievements have all come through the first person shooter series Killzone. Horizon: Zero Dawn, though, is going to be their first attempt at a full fledged action-RPG title- or any non-shooter title, for that matter. Outside of the Killzone series, they have only ever worked on one game (Shellshock: Nam ’67 back in 2004, which was also a shooter), so it’s nice to see them trying new and wildly ambitious things.

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  • KashIsKlay

    I hope this is their first great game because they have not made a “great” game yet.

    • Black Mass

      Agreed. The only thing I can say about their games is they do look really good but play awkward. Also, we’ll see if this game can run 1080p with CONSTANT 30fps like the writer says seeing that this game is going to be massive along with the graphical push this team likes to create.

    • Deanna Matthias

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  • Cassandra Drake

    No one cares about ps4 exclusives except ps4 fanboys, new features or not.

    • TrollingThunder

      lol, yeah. Nobody but PS4 owners care about PS4 exclusives, and they are all “fanboys” because you don’t have a PS4. Grow up.

    • justerthought

      But one exclusive is the best game ever made on any system, ever. Whether you’re a fanboy or not, a true gamer should play the best game ever made. That game is The Last Of Us played on PS4.


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