15 Creepiest Glitches In Video Games

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Glitches are a part of gaming that have always and will always exist. So long as human error continues to persist, developers will never quite get every single bug out of their code. Glitches come in all sorts of varieties though, with some even being loveable and beneficial (like wave dashing in Super Smash Bros. Melee). That said, some aren’t so friendly. Check out fifteen really creepy glitches we’ve managed to find in the darker corners of the gaming industry.

Of all glitches out there, the body deforming ones are often the most spine-tingling, so expect it to be a recurring theme of this list. Copies of Rocky on PS2 are prone to a lot of face-distorting glitches that have been made famous by the Angry Videogame Nerd.

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    wow u can f off with the ads before every single vid

  • lalalaa

    the dam ads are BS!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Needs

    I NEVER leave comments. I went through the trouble of signing in simply to say that this site is about the most frustrating site I think I have ever used. I had some verizon pop up ad going, a 15 second ad (with no option to skip) before every single one of the 15 glitches, then got to number 4 which was 8 minutes of the ending of assassins creed and wondered why that was even there…

    Went to the main landing page where a section of it was 404’d and another invasive and annoying pop-up ad displayed at the bottom of my screen.

    This is a terrible, hard to navigate, ad ridden site with bad content and I hope that I never end up back here again. Sorry, but looks like you sold out to the ad companies in all the wrong ways.


  • Fuckthis

    This is fucking shit. The internet is being ruined by crappy advertising

  • Annoyed

    Your site is fucking terrible. Takes forever to load, the videos are poorly chosen, the descriptions are lame and the amount of adverts is insane. You’re what’s wrong with the internet. If you had any sense you’d shut this piece of crap down and move on.

  • Slender watson

  • TFA

    wavedashing in melee was not a glitch 8-| jesus freaking christ casuals get it right.
    wavedashing was an exploit on physics, NOT an error in programming, the game is still doing exactly what its supposed to do when you land on the ground with momentum from the air, it transfers that momentum to the ground, and thus you get the sliding effect wavedashing produces, it’d be the same thing that would happen if you got hit by a low angle attack and were knocked across the ground sliding from it, as long as directional airdodges in melee existed, wavedashing would exist as a NORMAL byproduct of it.

    seriously its annoying seeing that even after all these years casuals don’t know the difference between a glitch or not.

  • Hermano Augusto

    Faltou a Drake Face.

  • Jenna Fain

    This is not a Sims 3 maker glitch, it’s from downloaded content. The boots that the baby is wearing were not fully thought out by the creator, and the creator is not a video game designer. We as simple Sims enjoyers, are able to deign and create our own line of clothing, accessories, makeup, and body shapes with the help of create-a-sim, the same as with a create-a-world. As creepy as it it, it’s becase the shoes were designed with specific outfits that were full body outfits that the creator decided to make for all ages without thinking. I’ve had a few of my babies born like that, or with a half black half white face, and I don’t mean a brown baby, I mean one side of the face was ebony and the other half was Ivory. It’s all in the custom content that you download from the exchange. You have to be careful as to what you download, check the “rec” numbers, the star rating, the creators page…you have to investigate.

  • David Cervantes

    bad website. bad videos. bad loading times. my jimmies have been rustled

    • HughMyron

      Aware and agreed.

  • This is one of the worst websites ive ever seen, took watch a 10 second video of a glitch i had to watch a 30 second commercial first, not to mention there are 15 SLIDES SO I HAD TO WATCH 15 COMMERCIALS; awful, just awful. this website gave me cancer.


    Is that ghostcar in GTA San Andreas Ron Weasley’s flying and self thinking Ford Anglia? O_o

  • notgood

    bigfoot isnt a glitch. i dont even know if he’s real, i couldn’t find him.

    • Riff Stone

      Bigfoot is a mod.

  • trrolololll

    lol like if you dont know how u got here


    Never, had I have a “stack overflow” with my new internet… for a YEAR. Your website is one of the worst glitched I’ve been too, also >:D (pun intended)

  • HughMyron


    Slideshows are a scourge upon the internet. What a lameass attempt to increase impressions so you can sell bigger numbers to advertisers. Guess what, it fucks you over the long term because nobody bookmarks your piece of shit or shares it with their friends.

    Gave up on the first slide because age verification didn’t work.

    PS – This website is fucking shit.

  • duder

    a couple good ones, but mostly dumb stuff. almost a waste of time

  • Mikai L

    quality of the vids are horrid and the captions are just, they seem desperate for attention who ever did this really needs to stop

  • Lilly

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  • Joshua Newhoff

    Fallout Princess is a mod, quite clearly, as Princess was a little girl character in Lamplight, and clearly wasn’t made of gibs.


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