15 Features We Want To See In Battlefield 5

Here’s what Battlefield’s salvation should be like.

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Battlefield hasn’t ever been considered as just another game in the long line of first person shooter games. The game had established itself as a tactical shooter that demanded that players put in an effort and team work. Gradually, that quotient only became better and it had a whole lot of fan following almost hinging on the edge of being called a cult. More than a decade after the first game in the aptly named series came, out, we were given another iteration of the game, namely Battlefield 4, a successor to its critically acclaimed and almost ubiquitously loved forerunner, Battlefield 3. Battlefield 4 had everyone anticipating it to be the next big thing in this great series of games. On the contrary, EA DICE had something else on their minds.  The result? Botch-itField 4.

Of course after establishing such a good name, it was rather short sighted on the developer’s part to make the game as it is. Most of the problems that the game had, have been fixed, but it really took away a lot of loyal fans from the game. That’s not to say that there aren’t any problems unresolved with the game. There still are tonnes. With the developers aiming to release Battlefield 5 in the coming year (or slightly before if rumours be believed), coming up with something the like of BF 4 would destroy the series utterly.  There’s a lot that we would like to see changed in Battlefield 5. Here’s 15 of them.

15. Better Campaign 

battlefield 4

EA Studio General Manager Patrick Soderlund himself has said that ‘storytelling does not come naturally to Swedes’. Yes, we have come to realise that quite some time back, thank you. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll consistently come up with absolutely appalling story line! You have had ample time to hire a good story writer and make an awesome game, DICE.

Or maybe they just plan to attach an obligatory storyline to their multiplayer game just to make it more appealing. And failing at that horrendously. Something that Titanfall did. The reason that CoD has a fan following that it does is mostly because of the story tangent that the game’s have followed in the series. Well, not lately of course but at least TILL Modern Warfare, CoD game’s had a mind boggling story line. We’re not saying that you cook up a similar recipe, just make it more engaging; something that players can associate with and remember fondly. There’s still time to improve on BF 5.

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  • XB 180

    Reading this I imagine who wrote it has no idea what Battlefield is or is a total noob on it. Everything except the net code is terrible ideas. Faster weapon unlocks. Really? Lets take the only fun out of playing a FPS like unlocking stuff and make it faster. Bf4 you unlock stuff to fast. I unlocked 5 attack boat attachments in one round. LOL

    • Demetrius Atkinson

      i know he said battlefield isnt tctical enough get up out of here

    • Demetrius Atkinson

      and yeah we unlock things too fast i agree only thing he was right on with was the limit on clases

  • Txt Peer


  • Benji Ward

    Uh, why do some people feel compelled to care about new players? Give them a separate tier if its that important but leave progression a time consuming thing. I was once a noob getting killed left right and center, i’m not one to gloat but now i’m pretty freaking amazing at it. Even saying that though i still have bad days where i get killed by the same newbie 5 times to my 1.
    I just don’t feel it’s the most important issue with the series.


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