15 Greatest Fights In Video Games

Sit back and relish the illustrious moments of gaming.

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14. Halo – The Flood

Halo was a game full of surprises. It trod the path that not many games had dared walk with its deviant story, setting and concept. Little did we know that about halfway through the game we would be treated to the appearance of a new enemy; a terrifying enemy.

After watching the video of your doomed comrades in the mission “343 Guilty Spark”, you brace yourself for hell just as truckloads of squirming Infection Form burst through the doors. And when you think that the worst has nigh ended, the Sangheili Flood emerge to plague your dreams with their flailing arms as you dodge and jump around frantically planting bullets in them by the dozen. Combatting The Flood throughout the game is very engaging and enjoyable but this first first encounter really sets the standard with the way it’s introduced. The distant guttural voices and the accompanied music hasn’t left our memories even today.

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