15 Greatest Quests In Skyrim You Need To Play

From the Dark Brotherhood and the Companions to the Thieves Guild and the excellent DLCs, there were a lot of quests for us to choose from, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to these fifteen.

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Skyrim is chock full of excellent quests, and while a lot of the moments that stick with you are ones of your own making, outside the realm of scripted storytelling, Skyrim does, to its credit, have a lot of great quests that are adored by one and all. In this feature, we have listed what we think are fifteen of its best quests. We haven’t listed them in any particular order, so give it a read, and tell us if you agree in the comments section below!

Beware, spoilers for the game may (and will) follow, so tread carefully if you care about that stuff.

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Innocence Lost

This is the quest that kicks off the Dark Brotherhood storyline, and it has to rank amongst the most morbid ones in the entire game. It all starts when you hear about a young boy named Aventus Aretino in the city of Windheld, an orphan who is performing the ancient ritual of the Black Sacrament. He’s trying to summon an agent of the Dark Brotherhood, an infamous order of assassins, and when you enter his house, the boy mistakes you for a member of the order. Sick of the treatment he and a bunch of other orphans have been receiving from an old lady who runs their orphanage, he asks you to murder her. The quest itself is pretty cut and dry, and doesn’t involve any ground breaking mechanics to impress the player- it is the morbid implications that make this quest as good as it is, and the fact that it serves as an introduction to the Dark Brotherhood only makes it better.

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  • Hank Murphy

    While the gameplay of Skyrim is gerat, the stories/quest lines aren’t. There should be more options to either play a quest line good/neutral/evil or there should be rival factions. Thieves guild is simply foul, and you can’t play it any other way. (unlike the great Thieves Guild in Oblivion). There should be the option to join the Silver-hand in fighting the dirty werewolves of the Companions.

    Above all there should be a better Blades storyline. The focus of the Blades should not be the Dragons, it should be the Thalmor and the whole Parthanx choice shouldn’t even be in the game, or should be something the player can “smooth” over with the Blades.

    I do love the option of wiping out The Dark Brotherhood, but the questline for it should be 10x larger and should rival the actual Dark Brotherhood question line itself.

    Civil War is half done with it’s conclusion being ignored by far too many NPC’s. (they still talk as if the war is going on, including maps etc), plus your rank in the Legion/Stormcloaks should result in something, I don’t know, perhaps respect and maybe the ability to take Legion/Stormcloak soldiers as followers.

    Dawnguard is ok but it’s the Dragonborn DLC that rules the roost. The whole island is the best part of the game, incorporating the humor and fun that was found in Oblivion.


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