15 Most Cringe-Worthy Video Game Moments No One Asked For

Not all game moments can be cool. Here are the 15 most cringe-worthy video game moments!

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N[/dropcap]ot all games can be cool as a cucumber. Some of them go for cool or funny moments that just fall flat. But at least we get some cringe-worthy moments to remember fondly. Here are the 15 most cringe-worthy video game moments no one asked for.

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Zero Wing – All Your Base Belong To Us

The result of poor English translations, all your base belong to us comes from the Sega Genesis game Zero Wing. It has gone down in history thanks to its utter butchering of the English language. It was cringe-worthy at the time but its become so ingrained in gaming culture that it’s transcended to be plain dumb.

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  • Bamf

    Eva removing the transmitter?
    What kind of prudes are you? It was just a silly joke.

  • Well Meaning

    another person who sees the tidus laugh scene and doesn’t understand it one iota. it’s supposed to be a horrible fake laugh. he wasn’t trying to lift his own spirits. he was trying lift yuna’s spirits by doing the most horrible fake laugh possible.

  • Matthew Farris

    Considering they misspelled 2 different character names, I’m not going to put much stock in this article

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