15 Most Ridiculous Pokemon of All Time

“Some of these Pokemon would even give Jynx nightmares.”

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Pokemon. Who doesn’t love Pokemon. Practically everyone who had a TV and cable knows and loves Pokemon. Childhood and Pokemon are synonymous with each other. So what started as an idea by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996 as a game for the Game Boy, turned out to be the second most popular and successful game-based media franchise right after Nintendo’s very own Mario.

After years of changing and growing, Pokemon is everywhere; there are games, movies anime, you name it and you will find Pokemon in it. With all that good progress have come new awesome Pokemon with every subsequent generations. As much awesomeness that we have witnessed, sometimes new Pokemon just turn out to be a butt hurt. A really sore one. Here’s a list of of the weirdest, most bizarre and idiosyncratic Pokemon of all time. I couldn’t help but be picky with more than 700 to choose from.

15. Mr. Mime


A dozen 12 years old are having a blast next door with their ridiculous music and squealing making you pull your hair? Are you gonna ask them politely to tone it down a bit? Not in the least. Send Mr. Mime. Seriously, Mr. Mime is like every child’s nightmare. Look at it. It looks like a paedophillic clown trying to grope with its gloved spindly hands. It’s pink and white and creepy as hell.

Looking like mutated poodle which can be a male or a female is one thing, sucking at being a psychic/fairy Pokemon another. It’s pathetic at defending itself and its attacks are weird. But I don’t suppose you’ve got any need for devastating attacks when you’ve got nightmare inducing freak Pokemon. Good thing it’s a little rare. I’ve never slept comfortably since my first encounter.

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  • Isaac Argesmith

    Wow this article sucks, also it’s not like most normal types and weak to fighting and rock to ground, right?

  • default

    magikarp evolves… somehow into a giant sea serpent looking pokemon that has good attacks just saying not that bad of a pokemon

  • Waste of Time

    Crap article, can’t believe I clicked this.

  • your mom

    I suggest you go deeper into the pokemons, I mean, many of the ones you criticize have a meaning, and pokemon fans understand them (most of the time). If you don´t and you are making a critic about them you may look bad

  • Saulo Ottoni

    This post is even poorer than the pokémon world scientists’ opinion on magikarp. It sounds like a frustrated jock who couldn’t get to NFL wanted to get revenge on the world.

  • Brandon Roberts

    i like some of these! and magikarp evolves into gyrados so it’s some what useful


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