15 Things Players Hate About Pokemon Sun And Moon

Why in the world would the people at Game Freak think this was a good idea?

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Pokemon Sun/Moon are now finally out, and we love the games- we honestly think that these may be the strongest installments the series has had yet, in spite of a number of missteps and puzzling regressions along the way. But the thing is, those puzzling missteps and regressions remain- we can’t actually ignore them, they’re there, and they do affect the game a bit.

In this list, we talk about 15 of those regressions and missteps. Keep in mind that we still think that Pokemon Sun/Moon are great games- certainly among the best games of this year. But these are things that mar the experience of playing Pokemon Sun/Moon somewhat; not a whole lot, but enough that we are left asking ourselves- why in the world would the people at Game Freak think this was a good idea?

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Pokemon Sun/Moon are more story focused than any previous games in the series. The payoff is in a hugely changed structure this time around, and in a largely great story, told well. However, such a story-centric focus comes with its own caveats- for instance, take the starting of the game. It is extremely long, and the first few hours of the game are spent in the setup of the world, the characters, and the narrative, not to mention bogged down with the endless tutorials that Pokemon is famous for. Things get better a couple of hours into the game, but those first few hours can be a pain in the neck- especially for those of you who just want to set out on your adventure to be the very best.

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  • Rapid Eye Movement

    you check the zygarde cube in the items tab to see how many you’ve caught out of the 100 scattered throughout the region

  • M R Ttk Nazer

    I love how u don’t have to breed for perfect IVs anymore… but damn those bottle caps are impossible.to get!!!! Its so annoying also
    U never understand the use of poke pelago until its too late and ur hating yourself for not understanding it earlier!!!!!
    And remember in the old days when you could groq berries by planting them in a rainy region, come back after a few hours and its ready, now you have to plant it in the pelago and it rakes like frikkin 48 hours for it to yield fruit, not only that, if you want to reset your ev, u need 6 specific berries (no ev reset bag) and the 6 berriea are rare to get, only grow in on area and only grow once a day, si basically everyday you go to route 10 and hope u get them so u xan plant it in the pelago wait 2 days and maybe soon you’ll have enough to do the reset,

    Oh wait the festival olaza allows for resets to, ONLY THE FACILITIES ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO GET and not to mention expensive

  • Atem Andrew

    Honestly, I both appreciate and hate what they did with the pokedex in general. On one hand, you can now see each evolutionary line before properly encountering or evolving the rest of the pokemon, letting you know there’s something THERE. In addition, giving each island their own ‘dex. However, they also removed the national dex, and the ability to ACCESS THE FREAKING MAP is annoying unless you know exactly what to do, which is never properly explained…otherwise you’ll have rotum giving you a ‘tip’ and you have to wait until he stops talking. The ability to do a large number of things with it is also annoying.


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