15 Things Players Hate About The Division

It’s probably us. It’s probably them.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division is an unequivocal success for Ubisoft and it provides a great MMO/shooter experience with its visuals, the attention to detail in its open world and the action. It has its negatives though and there are more than a few things that can annoy hardcore players. So let’s take a look at 15 things that hardcore players hate about The Division. Don’t pretend. We know who you are.

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Crafting High-Ends

Crafting in The Division has always been a bit of a crap shoot, especially when it comes to High-Ends. With the sheer amount of materials required though, it seemed easy to eventually come across a good perk roll. That’s one of the main problems of update 1.1 – it’s going to make the material requirements for crafting High-Ends, well, higher. Ubisoft Massive is compensating by offering guaranteed High-End drops from named enemies but this crafting nerf is less than amazing.

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  • John Richardson

    I stopped investing my time in this game when I realised the missions are so quickly damn boring.

    Grinding your life away to get the best gear, then what? The stuff you do in there is just f…ING boring.

    It was a nice game to play through but it’s no stayer. I miss those game designs that kept you coming back to play with NO rewards because they were fun to play with friends. This stupid MMO grind design is producing crap.

    I’m so glad there are some great single player games to play. I can’t wait to try Killing Floor 2, maybe that will be fun without the grind BS.

    • Mitt Zombie

      Yeah, games are supposed to be fun to play. Not just a chore to grind from one carrot to the next.

    • Ruth Sullivan

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