15 Things That Xbox One Needs To Set Right

Waving the cudgel again, but this time at the new-gen Microsoft console.

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With two of the largest companies in the world today, going all Hippopotamus bellicose on each other for marking their spots in the gaming market, we have two great console. Each with their respective appealing features. And equally appalling gaffes. We’ve already seen how the PS4 needs to suck it up and bring in some much desired and useful features; about time we let you know how MS has bungled the Xbox One.

Microsoft’s new generation system has hit the shelves and has rolled quite a number of eyeballs its way. Great specs mingled with a beauteous UI and a score of new apps and features make it a great entertainment system for today’s day and age……..or not quite yet. Apart from waiting to fill our libraries with games before virtual cobwebs find their way in there, here’s a look at how Microsoft can make the Xbox One a better console.

15. HDD Support

xbox one specs

So the new generation of consoles came along amidst a lot of controversy, heated debates and much celebration. The Xbox One no doubt has some brilliant gears whirring under the hood. But it seems some things just aren’t enough. The XBO has a 500GB hard disk drive. A lot? Not even close. Half a terabyte of space would have been something to rejoice with the Xbox 360, but with Full HD gaming, HD apps, blu-ray movies and astronomical data that we all have amassed over the years, 500GB of space isn’t enough.

What’s really vexing is that the system needs space for itself, for saving games and apps so the actual freely usable space available to the end user is a little under 400GB. Which is utterly disappointing. That wouldn’t be a problem if there was external USB storage support. So you can’t even plug your portable HDDs and neither can you replace the internal HDD of the XBO with a bigger one. We hope the future is brighter.

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  • Me

    Battery life? They last ages…

    • Deadred

      Yeah, i charge mine about once a week, and I use the xbox heavily. The long lasting battery is one of its best features.

  • Steph

    Agree with some of these but it is quite obvious that u searched out non-issues to make the article longer.

  • trfe

    Most of this stuff could be fixed when they have time by a software update.

    No one is making 4k games. They’re just getting to 1080p. This is a concern 3 years out.

    External hard drive is next up in April/may.

    Some of these are pretty unreasonable. $10 to change your gamertag is quite reasonable. Ps4 doesn’t even have the ability to change names.

  • Deadred

    One of your issues with the XB1 is the fact you have to unplug its HDMI in order to plug something else into the same input?

  • Geoff Porter

    Can’t speak to the 4K (maybe the technology is still proprietary?), but it makes perfect sense not to include 3D support. 3D is a fad that is already, for all intents and purposes, dead. Look how well the 3D support and peripherals went for Sony! And that was back when 3DTVs and movies were at their most popular! Market interest in in-home 3D entertainment has taken a severe downturn, so the prospect of including support for it just represents an extra cost to Microsoft with little return. They didn’t include it for the same reason the Wii didn’t continue to use the Gamecube minidisks… the technology is dead and was, at best, a gimmick at it’s height.

  • Alice Rogers

    I call bulls**t on the need for 4k support and 3D support. Maybe there is an arguement for 4k but 3D will die with the advent of oculus rift like devices.


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