15 Video Game Bosses You Can’t Defeat No Matter What You Do

Some bosses just won’t die when you want them to.

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We’ve covered all kinds of bosses lately. Disgusting bosses, anticlimactic bosses, bosses that keep coming back for more, you get the drift. However, there’s a special kind of boss that warrants attention for their inability to die, at least legitimately and in certain parts of certain games. So while they may be invulnerable in one fight, you can probably best them later. For other situations though, let’s look at 15 video game bosses that you can’t kill, no matter what. Warning: The word “impossible” and variations of it are repeated a lot.

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Fortune (1st Battle) – Metal Gear Solid 2

It’s not like “Lady Luck” Fortune is the toughest boss to kill in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. She possesses a portable rail gun that can rip you apart easily but damaging her initially is impossible because bullets simply don’t hit her. Chalk this up to an electromagnetic device on her person that can deflect bullets and even disable nearby explosives. Whatever the case may be, just don’t waste your bullets in the early going.

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  • Sangria Crusader

    I’m surprised FFX’s Seymour isn’t on here…


    You missed Seath the scaleless 1st encounter in dark souls!

  • That Kusabi…Ove vey is right. Thing still haunts me to this day.

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  • SilasTalbot

    Um… what about that damn Yeti from SkiFree?

  • PtotheA

    Prince of Persia, not sure wich one, at some point a giant dark monster appears, I tried to fight it = video then game over, only option is to gtfo faster than he his XD


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