15 Video Game Characters That Betrayed You

You can’t trust everyone in video games, and these 15 betrayals show you why.

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Video game plots are filled with twists and turns and more often than not, betrayals. Some are funny, some you can see coming a mile away, and some just tug on the heartstrings. Here are 15 video game characters that betray you.

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Big Boss Betrays The Player – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid is a series many hold near and dear, so when it came time for the finale many had been waiting years for, series creator Hideo Kojima did not disappoint. You play through the entire game as Venom Snake, who you are led to believe is just a more grizzled version of the Big Boss we’ve all come to know and love. It turned out that he was just a medic who had worked with Snake and had taken his identity to protect the real Big Boss. He goes on to be the villain that Solid Snake eventually kills, which turns the entire game on its head.

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  • Sara

    Maybe the guide meant Loghain, not Zevran, as the betrayer in Dragon Age: Origins. Loghain definitely betrays the Grey Wardens. Zevran isn’t involved from the start at all. He’s an assassin hired by Loghain. And he becomes a companion if you spare him once you encounter him a little later in the game.

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  • StockmanD

    It’s Otacon in Metal Gear Solid II, not Ocelot. Ocelot was an enemy in Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid II. Also, Shepard, one p not two. Also, I have no idea what the writer is talking about with Zevran from Dragon Age: Origins. That description doesn’t really apply to any character in the game.


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