New Xbox One Interface To Allow Developers More Direct Interaction With Gamers

Developer to customer direct interaction will be interesting to see.

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Xbox One New Interface

We recently found out that the Xbox One is going to be getting a bit of an upgrade later this fall in order to better take advantage of Windows 10 and the kind of cross-platform performance Microsoft can wring out of its PCs and console. The Xbox One is getting a new interface which will apparently make performance as much as 50 percent better.

Major Nelson’s Podcast in which the new interface was officially unveiled has a bit more information, including the fact that Windows 1o on Xbox One will be called One Core and will change the experience in using the Xbox One not only for consumers but also for PC users. Among the biggest new features will be the ability for developers to interact directly with users in  ways that have never before been made possible. Among the things the developers can talk to about users directly will be when a patch is coming out, as well as calling votes and talking about features.

Director of Program Management, Xbox and Windows Platform Mike Ybarra said that one of the reasons why they are not going to be offering this program to all Xbox One users right away is because there are some things that need to be tested and some things that just don’t work. He added that the Xbox One app on Windows 10 is so high that the company is thinking about rolling out a kind of test program for that as well. The new interface for the Xbox One will be rolled out to the masses in November.

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  • E.J457

    This isn’t anything new. Microsoft is obviously ripping off what the PS4 has done from the start.

    I’ve never seen a company copy so much from a competitor the way Microsoft has. The Xbox One user iterface looks like a PS4 dynamic menu turned sideways. It’s easy to see Microsoft is desperate and has run out of ideas to save the Xbox One.

    • Deeboy

      LOL. Yeah right. Keep dreaming dude!!!!

    • efnet


    • Rhodri

      Looks nothing like ps4 interface.

    • GHz

      Riiiiiiiiight because on the ps4 I can say “PS4, snap youtube” while I’m playing Forza 6, and it’ll do that w/o a hitch while still keeping me playing. I hear PS4 can turn rocks into bread too. rumor is that the PS4 delivered you. Is it true? Cause that’s so believable like all your other delusions. You keep that hate alive while we enjoy the h3ll out of our system of choice 😉

    • DarkSeptember

      Why would you want to do that anyway ? What’s the point playing Forza 6 with a YouTube window that’s the size of a postage stamp ? The snapped window is so small it’s utterly pointless and it’s distracting.
      When I turn on my Xbox one I do it to play games ,NOT to have a small distracting window in the corner of the screen.

    • GHz

      LOL, damn, how many accounts you have? WOW!

    • lagann

      Due to your less than intelligent comment…I’ll assume that you are probably the same ps4 fanboy with a number of sock accounts trolling the comments section.

      Go play Until Yawn with its ground breaking totally new, totally awesome, and totally revolutionary choice system that gives players totally awesome replayability.

    • GamerJudge

      What’s not new is seeing you, XbotMK1 with your suck accounts, saying the same damn desperate lie everyday. What I have never seen is a Sony Corporate Slave Lying Drone like yourself talk so much garbage and lie for a company. You are a cancer that must be eradicated fast.

    • Tech junkie

      Have you seen Microsoft windows music app from windows 8. Groove now? Microsoft Android apps? They all have a similar look, Similar to the Xbox OneCore UI.

      So try again. XbotMK1, Is your life so sad that you make fake accounts to troll Xbox articles.

    • Psionicinversion

      what lmao… PS4’s new UI looks like a rip off from MS. The modern UI is based upon this anyway

      Everything is going this way anyway, go look at Plex home theater you could say MS and sony ripped them off. But in actually fact this is just cool new look in UI’s which is clean and informative.

      PS4’s current UI is absolute trash really. Doesnt show you anything really


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