25 Celebrities That Shockingly Resemble Video Game Characters

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    Solid Snake was supposed to look like Kurt Russell character Snake Plissken from Escape from New York

  • shin

    if you ever played the whole series of splinter cell, then u’d notice that the 1 really looks like sam fischer IS George Clooney

  • SomeGuy

    This should be renamed ’25 Celebrities That Have Appeared In A Photograph With A Vaguely Similar Haircut To Video Game Characters, Or, Failing That, Are At Least Possibly From The Same Ethnic Background’…

  • glima

    The only one actually resembling someone is The Medic to Stephen Colbert.
    All other ones are pure crap.

  • Pie

    You imbecile, that’s not ,,Barbarian” that’s Khal Drogo!

  • slk

    looks more like gerard butler

  • Živko Gaborov

    Holly shit….

  • Andy

    ниодин не похож нихуя

  • Crosszeria

    That’s Khal Drogo fromo Game of Thrones, not a simple barbarian

  • Jeffry

    I thought Jeffry Mcwild from Virtua fighter…

  • ABCD

    the one who made this list must be either blind or stupid, or both.

  • Anon drop

    Nathan Drake and Nathan Fillion. Yes, but not cause they vaguely resemble each other. Rather because they have the same personalities. If they were to write a letter and sign it “from Nathan” they there could be an understandable mix up. So I could understand a lesser informed person or “imbecile” as some would put making this harmless mistake. Rather than call them look alike we should say ” actors who could play these roles in movies”. At the same time though, the rest of this list is still pretty bad. Solid snake… Really.

  • Hamda Trabelssi

    it’s not barbarian it’s khal drogo

  • Theo Theodoridis

    i think that the guy from splinter cell looks more like spartacus

  • dumb

    Ummm Commander Shepard is modeled after Mark Vanderloo, so he would be more of a twin.

  • linkzero65

    Sam Fisher and Christain Bale do NOT look a like!

  • Nico Sol

    What about Lei Wulong from Tekken and Jackie Chan?

  • Dan

    The only one they got right was Marcus Fenix and Batista

  • Max Webb

    ‘Shockingly.’ You need to get out more.


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