25 Most Bad Ass And Stunning Video Game Cosplays You Will Ever Come Across

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Video games are a passion for many people. Some people get attached to the characters and the way they’re designed, and play them out in real life. It can be anyone – from amateurs to professionally paid models, and ultimately it brings a smile on our faces. We have compiled a list of awesome 25 cosplays that will surely make you appreciate the effort these people put behind it.

So check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: http://dragonora-ceohini.deviantart.com/art/CoD-Nazi-Zombies-Cosplay-3-255648438?q=boost%3Apopular%20call%20of%20duty%20cosplay&qo=5

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  • Sakito Takahiro

    pffft, i can see the bra.

  • Brandon


  • Kat D

    I am the COD: Nazi Zombie listed here, thanks SO much for the publicity!

    And for those who think the Nurse is the only female listed, I AM a female too. Also, the eyes ARE NOT photoshopped, I had yellow and orange makeup on my eyelids and then I simply closed them to have the glowing eye effect.

  • Kachina

    Leon’s hair is 2 dark! it needs 2 b brighter or I KEEL YOU! *kidding*

  • Moomoo

    I don’t see how Vocaloid and Bleach are a video game…

    • Lulu,man

      Bleach has released several video games. Also, there is the Vocaloid diva project, so I’m guessing that counts as a video game.

  • poop

    Wow…not one single girl 🙁

  • sharaf ud din

    i want look

  • Bleh

    Most of these suck. It’s not enough to just have the costume look good, the person has to fit the part as well. Anyone can just buy or make a costume. Half these people look terrible as the person they are cosplaying as.

  • Onimi zen

    That isn’t a bra on the link cosplay.. It’s where the white and green part of the tunic meet. You can see the features and body build are a little to masculine to be a female.

  • rebecca luff

    i have to say i think me and my 2 mates silent hill nurses are way better lol

  • Serah Valentine

    I’ve seen better, the best I’ve seen came from Japanese women, but you’ve only showed male characters.

    • Wiktoriamort

      Yea.. Whoever made this haven’t seen all the other waaay better cosplayers out there. These would look like noobs next to them xD

  • Ehh Heehh

    Ezio? Where is EZIO?

  • Harley Fan

    Evidently Harley Quinn is not cool enough for your list………

  • Jacky Pop

    Frost from Mortal Kombat deserves at least the #3 on this list…

  • SHansen

    Most of these are pretty sub par.

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