3DS Able To Monitor Flash Card Use?

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According to a roughly translated statement from Japanese retailer Enterking the 3DS may be capable of monitoring when flashcards are used to play pirated material on them, as well as potentially locking systems which are caught doing so:

“Dear customers who resell Nintendo 3DS… If you use equipment which is illegal or unapproved by Nintendo or if you do customisation which is unapproved by Nintendo, there is a possibility that Nintendo 3DS becomes non-bootable by system update. Because of terms of agreement above, Enterking refuses to buy 3DS system with record of illegal or unapproved equipment.”

Nintendo issued a statement to Eurogamer regarding the post:

“We do not discuss product security details (for obvious reasons), nor can we discuss the details of countermeasures available in the Nintendo 3DS system. Nintendo 3DS has the most up-to-date technology. The security has been designed to protect both the creative works in the software and to protect the Nintendo 3DS hardware system itself.”

Thanks to CVG for the info.

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  • DirectingChaos

    I can understand why they are doing it if that is indeed the case, I remember seeing loads of PSP’s and DS’s on Ebay with DVD’s full of pirated games sold with them before they were finally banned. I have heard recently that the PS3 and Xbox will have (if not already) ways of telling if you are playing illegal films or music and be able to brick your console because of it.

    Just goes to show that companies are not going to put up with the piracy trend that has haunted the industry from almost the very beginning. Fair play to them after all they need the profits to develop new titles and engines. Look at it this way at least they are telling those gamers currently using hacked systems etc and not just doing it without a word which they would be more than entitled to do.

  • Jannet

    Thanks for this for commnet


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