5 games that can challenge God of War 3 visually

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As we approach the 16th of March slowly and slowly, we at GamingBolt decided to make a list which we think that can challenge God of War 3 visually. There is no doubt that God of War 3 is one of the finest looking games around, but there are still some games which are going to make your jaws drop in 2010. Here is the five of them:

Note: We have not considered the genre, but only the visuals.

Crysis 2

The original Crysis is undoubtedly one of the best looking games to date and with Crysis 2 due out in 2010, the benchmark for visuals is going to be placed a step higher. Using the update Cry Engine known as Cry Engine 3, developers have promised that sequel has progressed vertically and will have new environments such as the destroyed city which was mentioned in the magazine: PC Gamer. With the original being one of the most visually phenomenal games of all time, it will be a no brainer that Crysis 2 is a prime candidate to challenge God of War 3 visually.

Heavy Rain

A PlayStation 3 exclusive against a PlayStation 3 exclusive, Heavy Rain is easily one of the games that catches the eye due to its eye soothing visuals and character animations. It might not have the brightest theme but the wonderful lighting and shadow effects make it an able candidate that can challenge God of War 3 head to head.


If you have seen the trailers of Rage, than you know the reason why this game is mentioned over here. Under development by id Software using the id Tech engine, Rage will throw players in a world that has belted by the impact of 99942 Apophis. Visually the game looks amazing and as we all know the reputation that id software carries, we are sure to see some cracking art and animations throughout the game.

Final Fantasy XIII

After getting a superb score of 9 by 10 from us, Final Fantasy XIII was confirmed to be on the list. The graphics are outright impressive, especially when viewed in full 1080p. Most everything looks crisp and pretty. However, it certainly isn’t flawless. Some of the characters’ hair appears to have an odd filter over it, making it appear almost pixelated. Lightning’s hair seems to be have the worst case of it, while Sazh’s hair doesn’t seem to do this at all. Apparently, afros are the way to get around this problem. Ironically, whenever the characters are in motion, this filter makes the hair look very realistic. But, whenever they are standing still, it makes the hair look out of place when compared to the rest of the game. That is, until you get used to it. By the end of the game, it probably won’t bother you anymore. There were also a few cases of lower resolution textures here and there throughout the game, but really not too many. Considering the length of the game, the detail presented through the entire game is certainly something worth admiring.

Metal Gear Solid Rising

The developers at Kojima Productions are easily one of the best in the world. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was easily one of the best looking games of 2008 and the team says Rising will be visually better than Metal Gear Solid 4. Hideo Kojima were the only guys back than who had use a dual layer blu ray disc for the game and put in some of the most stunning and finer details in the game. It will be a no brainer that Rising will make our jaws drop.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Fable 3
  • Gran Turismo 5
  • The Last Guardian
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  • Your Brother :(

    Everyone listen to what Your Brother 🙂 says because he has a PhD in graphics, or as what he likes to call em visuals.

  • Your Brother :(

    @ Your Brother 🙂 : ” Go watch the Crysis 2 gameplay demo that was shown on both the 360 and PS3. That already blows any GoW3 trailer out of the park, and its not even near the final release engine!” Yeah and when was the last time you saw a GoW 3 trailer??? E3?? And its not even near the final release engine either!!

  • datdude

    This article is a joke. God of war 3 will be a button mashing piece of trash. Pretty to look at no doubt… but something a five year old could pick up, smash some buttons, and have success. Game FAIL.. give me mass effect 2, splinter cell conviction, alan wake, halo reach, heavy rain, the last guardian, and gt5 (if it ever makes it to retail)

    • David Macphail

      How can a 5 year – old pick up GOW 3 when it’s rated 18??? LMAO – your parents must have beaten you as a child.

  • travis

    who ever said mass effect 2 must have down syndrome. wtf are you thinking man? are you blind? sorry, but wow. crysis 2 may look better, but its also on the 360, so we will have to wait and see. heavy rain might look good on its cinematics, but idk about how it could look all the way better. rage will be a good game, not a great jaw dropper. ff13 will have great cinematics. mgs:rising-why the hell is this on here? 🙁 NO

  • name

    are you completely insane?
    there is no way in hell heavy rain will have better graphics than GOW3, it cant stand up to MGS4, let alone uncharted 2, let alone the mighty GOW3!
    same for FFXIII, a few friends have imported i have not seen it yet but going by their impressions its not that good. in fact 2 put it to be the worst of the series!

    RAGE, crysis 2 is a no shit Sherlock though.
    mainly because their both on PC and both are not due out till late this year IF this year at all.
    as for MGS rising its on the 360 so mmmmmmmmmmmmmm NO!

  • Tomas

    Putting Rising on the list is just stupid. It’s not unlikely that they won’t focus on graphics at all, since it’s multi-platform and everything.
    Heavy Rain might look better than God of War III, Final Fantasy XIII doesn’t. I’ve played FFXIII and God of War (E3) and the e3 demo of GoWIII is very superior.
    From what I’ve seen (which is very little) Crysis 2 and Rage will blow everything out of the water.

  • hu hu
    your talking all about games that are not yet in store! for your memories the real last thing we saw from god of war was the demo from almost 8 months ago…
    Concerning the next metal gear rising not so sure it will look very bright because it’s multiplateforme now and like Crysis 2 we didn’t even see a picture yet no? so hard to tell no?
    Final fantasy ok it can looks good but to much linear for me I pass…
    I’m not saying GOW III will be the best visual game ever but it’s to early to say !
    wait and see !

  • tarbis

    @your brother
    Yes, and lots of multiplatform games has already proven it while PS3 exclusives already blew any multiplatform games out of the water. You’re just too blind to accept it. FFXIII and Tekken 6 are some of those games. Both games are supposed to be run on the PS3 at 1080p but they have to dumbed it down to look the same with 360. Tekken 5.1 is already running at 1080p on the PS3. Tekken 6 arcade machine runs on actual PS3 engine. Tell me why the hell is the home version so fucked up than it’s arcade counterpart while both version runs on the same engine?
    FFXIII’s demo already ran at 1080p but they have to dumbed it down to 720p so it won’t kill the 360 version.
    They’re making a new engine for MGS: Rising that will be optimized for both PS3 and 360, only proves that MGS4 engine can’t be run on 360. If it does Kojima would have already used it.
    Did you even read my post? I said GoW3 will be the one challenging Crysis 2 and not the way around, meaning I already accepted Crysis 2’s graphical superiority. Do you even understand simple english?
    You don’t even know what you’re talking about. So please don’t quote me if you don’t even understood a letter what I posted.

    • Joe

      tarbis, if Tekken 6 had to be ‘dumbed down’ on the PS3 because of the 360 then how come it runs in 720p natively on the 360 but only 576p – yes, Standard Definition – on the PS3?

      anything the PS3 can do graphically, the 360 can do just as well. its as simple as looking at the hardware.

  • islandnassau

    Who cares what beat it, gOD Of War is gOD Of War period.
    Nothing can unseat it
    Nothing comes close to it
    Nothing will sell as must as it
    Nothing will ever beat it (oh sorry said that earlier)
    Nothing and no other character is as bad as Kratos

    To the other console creators, be original and you will win, keep coping and you will always be second and third best. (uii and 3sissy)

  • STE


    Huge world? you mean huge backgrounds. if you played the other GOW’s or even just take the demo of GOW3 and the screenshots from GOW3, and colored in the places you can actually move around in- in red, and the places you cant in blue, but you can see, that would be awful lot of blue. HUGE WORLDs, are places you can actually go, that’s scale, having big monsters in the background, is not scale.

    • Joe

      agreed. yes, the worlds are huge in god of war, but not the actual explorable worlds. all that stuff off in the distance doesnt require much processing power as its just scripted and has low-res textures and low polygon counts.

  • datdude

    macphail???? The name says it all…nuff said

    • David Macphail

      LOL, your parents named you “Datdude”. You’re the last person who should be throwing around insults based on people’s names. Self – ownage at it’s finest.

  • David Macphail

    From what i’ve seen so far from Crysis 2 it won’t look any better than Crysis 1 let alone GOW 3.

    RAGE – doubt it. Again, from what i’ve seen, it’s not even close.

    FF XIII – it looks great, no doubt. However it doesn’t look GOW 3 great.

    MGS: Rising – i think we should wait until we have at least ONE in – game screenshot before trying to make a comparison, don’t you?

    Heavy Rain – definetly a contender.

    The Last Guardian – definetly a contender. From what i’ve seen so far, this does look better than GOW 3.

    However, if we’re judging games by graphics alone than there’s only one game worth buying this year and that’s Gran Turismo 5. If you were to add the graphics of all the aforementioned games together and then times the result by 10 you still wouldn’t get HALF the detail that’s gone into GT 5’s cars. GT 5 looks photorealistic, no, it looks BETTER than photorealistic. Polyphony Digital weren’t lying when they said the cars in GT 5 look better than they do in real life.

    If we’re going by graphics alone then it’s a no – contest and GT 5 is the only game this year worth mentioning. There is no competition.

    • Joe

      McFail, your logic goes like this:

      ‘is it on 360? yes? then it cant look as good as a PS3 exclusive, even if it actually does – it just cant, because sony tell me the PS3 is the best’

      clown shoes.

  • travis

    @ joe
    the 360 cant do graphically what the ps3 can do. look at all releases before we have this article. look at killzone 2, look at uncharted 2. wtf comes close to it? nothing on the 360. honestly. this is stupid. everyone knows (even microsoft) that the console was rushed. get glasses asshole. seriously. dont be a blind fanboy. it cant handle what the playstation can. and you just need to look at games man. mass effect 2 looks decent. but not compared to any exclusive that sony released in 2009 except mag. you fail at life. damn ppl. stop being blinded. look at the article, all ps3 exclusives, but you all know crysis 2 will be dumbed down because of the 360, rising wont come close. there you have it joe.

    • Joe


      again, what an idiotic response.

  • Sil3ntSnak3

    ok for all of you who said that the 360 can do everything graphically that the ps3 can, ok yes i agree BUT lets put it this way, the GOW III demo is 3 GB BY ITSELF!!! now lets just add another 40 min of gameplay to that bcuz the demo itself can be passed in 20 min thats already 9GB of memory that means that if God of War was multiplatform then it would still look incredible BUT the gameplay time would be less than MW2…WAY LESS. also Mass effect 2 looks decent , not good, just decent and even that game was about to require multiple discs! 360 is pathetic and cant compare. 360 games: “Good graphics”=short game time more gameplay hours=crappi”er” graphics more gameplay hours and “good” graphics=multi discs but this is the ps3… it only does EVERYTHING!!! it doesnt have to sacrifice one aspect for the sake of another!!! so i hope the 360 just get discontinued so it can stop holding the ps3 back bcuz dumbass 360 fanboys say that multiplatform games like RE5 look better on the 360, well no shit! but the only reason is because the game was just “copy and pasted” onto a bluray disc!!! gtfo 360 fanboys and also those fagboys that rip on games like God of War for being EPIC is pissing me off!!! they hate on it so much!! but if it was exclusive to 360 they would brag about it!!! but it isnt possible faggots!!! Only on Playstation 3!!! if god of war 3 were to suddenly become exclusive to 360 it would still be EPIC….an EPIC FAILURE!!! i wonder why kojima isnt working on Rising? oh but he is returning to make another game for ps3…i wonder why ONLY for ps3?! huh? 360 fanboy ownage

    • Joe

      thats not how game sizes work buddy.

      the demo has to include the entire game engine and all the assets for the characters that are in it. this might come to 1-2gb, and that is then never duplicated. the textures and geometry details will also be duplicated, meaning another 1gb of that demo will be used throughout the rest of the game as well, so again, not taking up more room in the final version. then lastly, the demo is most likely completely uncompressed.

      there have been 360 game demos that have been nearly 2gb in size for a mere 15 minutes of gameplay, yet the final versions are only 6-7gb. the size of the demo is absolutely no indicator of the size of the game.

  • justin

    god of war 3 is on a dual layer blue ray disc which is 50 gigs it uses 35 gigs of the disc if xbox had it on there system it would still take 4 discs with a dual layer dvd whic is only 10 gigs


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