6 Games That Can Challenge Uncharted 2 Visually

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Uncharted 2 has set a new benchmark in visuals. The game had plenty of stunning moments and the country of Nepal was represented in such a way that no video game before was able to do. But there are about a number of games that can challenge Uncharted 2 visually. Here are six of them:
God of War 3

God of War 3 is one the games that will give Uncharted 2: Among Thieves a good challenge.The character models and their animations are top notch. The way the blood is represented in the game is truly unique. Hell, when you are hacking n slashing blood will pour all over your body much like when Nathan Drake gets his clothes wet. The scale of the environments are stunning and the huge enemies should look amazing on your HDTV. Watch this game closely as this might give Uncharted 2: Among Thieves a good scare.

Assassins Creed 2

Ubisoft have always been known for their amazing visuals in their video games. The way that Ezio moves is amazing. The animations of Ezio and that of Drake while jumping and diving are almost very much similar since both games essentially have a lot of plat forming sections in them. Again as with many of Ubisoft games the scale of the cities in Italy is going to be amazing. Ezio will move and attack in a realistic way which will make Ezio very much similar to our hero Nathan Drake.

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Sam Fisher never looked so good. And in the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive, Conviction should be able to challenge Uncharted 2 visuals. The firefights and the presentation is awesome which makes Conviction a game that we should keep an eye out for. The only thing that might go against is this game is the graphics of the enemies, so far they are pretty bland. If Ubisoft can fix them up than we are in for a treat.

Rage is an upcoming first-person shooter and racing video game being developed by id Software.It will be using the id Software’s new id Tech 5 engine.Now Rage is one game that looks visually stunning. And as its being developed by id Software we can be rest assure the end product will be nothing short of spectacular. We at-least here are counting on this beautiful piece of art. Rage will surely be a visual delight for all parties concerned. Hope it doesn’t disappoint.
Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain being developed by, Quantic Dreamc, who also made games like Fahrenheit,is an upcoming AAA PS3 title. Ever since it was first shown back at E3 2006, it caught the eyes of everyone and people were stunned by the quality of tech demo that was shown. Everyone has been in love with heavy rain since then and one of the reason is the sense of realism associated with Heavy Rain. Everything seems so close to real life that everytime you see a new Heavy Rain trailer you are left amazed and thats mainly due to the awe-inspiring visuals. We bet Heavy Rain will give Uncharted 2 a run for its money as far as the graphics are concerned.
Alan Wake

Alan Wake is an upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive by Remedy Entertainment, the company behind Max Payne games. It features open-ended world backed by an epic story. First thing you notice about Alan Wake are the beautiful visuals. Everything from environment to characters seems stunning and attention to detail is clearly shown on screen. This is one game to watch out for in 2010. And definitily should make the guys at Naughty Dog a bit worried.

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  • mensaap

    Crysis much?

  • poki

    lmao everyone comparing pc games like crysis to consoles, and no other games on any other console come close to u2 visually and gameplay, sorry but rage/ac2/aw/sc look good but for visuals they are not even close to u2, if you think they are you are just liying to yourself period

    • Joe

      Just the demos alone of Crysis 2 for the 360 and PS3 absolutely leave Uncharted 2 for dead visually. gameplay wise theres nothing special about Uncharted 2 at all.

  • I think Rage is likely the best on the list, seeing as it’s using the id Tech 5 engine, and id Tech engine games usually always stand the test of time, graphically and otherwise, and not to mention those engines are used for many other games.

    AC2 is def a game that I am looking forward to, and it doesn’t look too bad at all.

  • Celtics

    Gran Turismo 5? Duh!!! I also think he’s only implying Console games, because games like Crysis on the PC can only run top notch if you have a high-end pc.

  • Rodrigo

    SHauHSuaHSausaSa…” Erm, Crysis, STALKER, Resident Evil 5 PC, Arkham Asylum PC and ArmA II all look better than Uncharted 2 – to name a few.”

    Probaly you never played Uncharted 2 ¬¬’

  • Tumay

    This post is for child ! its like say my its bigger …
    The game its no only graphics !

  • Aaron

    I think every body on this site is missing the reason why uc2 is so unbelievably good looking. its not just the high res textures its the fact that when your playing a building could be falling down while a choper is shoting at you with an incredible draw distance with the high res textures and the framerate never drops. all of the games on this list are good but you wont see as much going on on screen as you do in uc2 with the high res textures, and yes crysis looks a hell of alot better but when i played it theres never that much going on on screen. GOW 3 is another example of my point, when youre playing on the back of a giant 400ft unscripted titan thats climbing up a mountian does any body know just how much processing power that takes? a hell of a lot more than crysis. my point is its not just texture quality that you have to take into account when talking about “graphics”.

    • Joe

      all that stuff in God of War 3 is scripted, same with Uncharted 2. play the game a million times and the helicopter will always shoot the building in the same spot (although since most things are physics based these days the rubble MIGHT fall differently) and will always follow the same path, same with the giant titans.

    • gandenkris

      …………. so ………… id like to see an xbox pull of the visual awesomeness that uncharted 2 or god of war 3 have………. and heavy rain just has amazing graphics…….. maybe not everything going on like u2 or gow3 but the character models and environments are some of the best ever……….. sure crysis has amazing graphics…….. but i personally think graphics does not only mean the specs or whatever……… its visual design, frame rate, specs, color, and others……. example: okami has some of the best graphics ever but the specs arent so good……. uncharted 2 has amazing visual design, frame rate, color, and probably the best specs besides maybe crysis and its tied with gow 3……… and also, crysis is: forest, water, and some snow……. uncharted: forest, train, mountains, snow, ice, village, city, and more so what now?!?!?!?!?!

    • Matt

      Scripted or non-scripted, it really doesn’t matter as far as the graphics engine is concerned. It takes the same resources to draw the chopper in a scripted event as it would in an unscripted event. The shrapnel in Uncharted 2 is better than any PC title, including Crysis. The character animations are far better than any game ever made, up to 50 actions can affect Drake at any given moment and they will all have an effect on his reaction.

      The texture quality of Uncharted 2 for many scenes exceeds Crysis, though Uncharted 2 does have some lower end textures and the character models aren’t amazing. In short there are some graphics engine features that definitely are better on Uncharted 2 than Crysis. Some of the environmental textures in Crysis are very dated, even at top settings. The physics engine is not better than Uncharted 2, not even remotely close. There are also scenes in Uncharted 2 where over 300 objects are moving at the same time. This is not a possibility with PC games as they have to program for low end PCs. Uncharted 2 does an amazing job of creating an environment and really making it come to life. Crysis, on the other hand, has very generic, but pretty, environments that have very little going on at any given time.

      Anyway, I’m not saying Uncharted 2 looks better than Crysis. I will say this. For a $300 console to even compete with Crysis in the graphics field, which requires a $700-$800 computer to run at max settings, it’s an amazing thing. Last gen consoles could not compete with PCs for graphics. This gen the PS3 definitely runs better than the vast majority of PCs on the market. If you spend $800 you can get a better PC sure… but unless you really like RTS and MMOs or you have a bunch of money to blow, there’s little reason to not just get a PS3 which has most of the same games as on the PC, many exclusives that aren’t on the PC, and save $500.

      Honestly, I’m betting that consoles surpass the PC next gen in the graphics department. It’s very close to happening this gen. Also… GT5 does look better than Crysis. Racing sim I know… easy to render. It still looks better.

    • Daputti

      Like Joe said, they’re scripted sequences. Crysis has true procedural destruction, try it by throwing a grenade into a house. Draw distance can always be adjusted in PC games, and Cryengine 2 and 3 can draw bigger than 200 square kilometers maps! Just try precaching the whole map and then looking down from somewhere. Playing on the back of a 400ft titan is nothing compared to that.


      Maybe there’s not much going on the screen in Crysis, it depends a lot on how you play. You can sneak, or you can go in with a bang. Or if you want, skip the fights completely.

      TRY WARHEAD. It’s called Warhead for a reason. It has a lot more action in it, and totally wipes the floor with Uncharted 2.

  • shadow7warlord

    The only game to match uncharted 2 on graphics is crysis, which is better in technical aspects but is kicked off by the details and polish of U2. Oh and mass effect cannot have better graphics than U2 because its an xbox 360 game and sadly 360 has met its full potential while the ps3 has just started showing great AAA games. (U2, Killzone 2, god of war e.t.c)

  • Sudokulemon

    Assassins Creed II <3

  • Xbot

    LMAO at splinter cell on that list and alan wait i mean alan wake XD looks like crap.

    • gandenkris

      they both look awesome…. but the xbox hardware just isnt as powerful as ps3

  • gamer17

    East or west CRYSIS is THE BEST
    CHECT this out-


    Type your message here…

  • Richdad

    Yep crysis is a much ahead of any of the mentioned titles. Yes it looks better than Killzone 2 just get a GTX 295 and see for your self.

  • kevin

    all that say crysis looks better than uncharted 2 or uncharted 1 or killzone 2 or heavy rain or metal gear 4 or ratchet and clank or any other ps3 exclusive, your basically saying crysis looks better than any movie, which means that in the mind of the pc fan, east is west and north is south, and macy gray looks better than beyonce and up is down pc fans are just that backwards when it comes to visual judgement

    • Daputti

      You really don’t know what you’re talking about. Crysis is so much further in every way possible, because of one simple thing.


      Console fanboys just won’t accept the fact that their machines is made of cheap parts so everyone could buy them.

    • Matt

      The cell eats all current processors for breakfast. Even the i7 can’t compete with the cell processor in terms of power. It was ranked as 50 times more powerful than the average PC processor by Folding@Home when they did an analysis on how much each platform contributed to the project. Every 1 PS3 was worth 50 PCs. That’s insane. Very true as well. Go look it up if you don’t believe me.

      PCs obviously win in the GPU department, but this is not surprising. The fact is a PC with the RSX GPU would not have a chance in the world of running a game that was close to the quality of Uncharted 2. If the PS3 had a full GB of RAM and a current video card it would tear the PC apart. Granted the PS3 would cost around $500-$600 then, but it would still outperform the PC. The PS3 is equal to about a $800-$900 PC or a $600 one you built yourself. For $300 that’s a pretty good deal…

  • tareq salah

    non of the list did or can. and yes crysis 2 probably has better graphics but it wasnt perfect as a game so i say uncharted still holds the crown.


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