7 Follow Up Games The PS Vita Could Do With

The Vita is a great piece of hardware that has some pretty good games for it, but it’s going to need even more to compete moving forward in the new generation.

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Sony’s PlayStation Vita is a pretty impressive piece of hardware with a small, but good selection of games. On top of it, this little handheld powerhouse does way more than simply play games too. It’s a true, portable multimedia device that allows gamers to do anything from listen to music, surf the web and even watch Netflix anywhere they are.

Really, the only thing you can’t do with it is make a phone call, which probably doesn’t phase the owners of this device. What the PS Vita needs at this point are more games. While there are some good one’s available now, it’s not enough to really carry the PS Vita into the future. With the option to be able to pair this puppy with Sony’s PS4, there has to be more in store for the device. It deserves more than just being a vestigial extension to Sony’s soon to be released console.

1. God of War:

The God of War series has always done well with Sony’s fans, regardless of it being released on handhelds or consoles. It’s the franchise that most of us picked up our first PlayStation console to begin with.

A new God of War game may help to pull some gamers back to the PS Vita. There has already been an announcement for God of War one and two being released for the Vita, but most have already played those games. It would be great to see them in all their remastered glory, but a new game with updated graphics, new characters and most importantly a new story should do the trick.

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  • Felipe Ascencio

    no monster hunter?!!!!!!!!!! WTF

  • P5 should be on 3DS; it would sell better. Gravity Rush sequel is inevitable. Assassin’s Creed was fundamentally broken and a real chore to play on a handheld; it’s too much of a narrative focused endeavor to consume in chucks as a good handheld game should be.

    • Tom

      SMT 4 is on 3DS and it isn’t selling “that much better”… Considering how much bigger the 3DS’s market share is.

    • So moving to a smaller market share makes sense how?

    • Lester Rat

      They would not be moving to a smaller market share, they would be staying on the same place where the last Persona game was released and sold very well. A bigger install base doesn’t mean greater sales.

      Besides, a new Persona in 3DS would look worse than P4G, and it would not be a good selling point.

      P5 only makes sense in 3DS for Nintendo fans that think every game should be released only on Nintendo consoles and handhelds.

    • 1. You’re a month late to this party.

      2. Shin Megami Tensei 4 looks better than Persona 4: The Golden.

      3. You could (and people did) make that argument about Monster Hunter, a much bigger title that had 100% been on PlayStation consoles. Look how that turned out.

      4. Sega bought Index, Index owns Atlus, Sega is BFF’s with Nintendo, and Atlus has been building experience on the 3DS. Again, people thought for sure SMT was going to consoles, not handhelds. And if you think Persona is a bigger deal than SMT, then you might as well exit the discussion now.

    • Lester Rat

      Oh yeah, the fact that Persona is much more successful than SMT worldwide doesn’t count. What counts is your biased opinion that games on Nintendo hardware are better by default.

      And the Monster Hunter chart means nothing. Compare all the SMT games in DS and 3DS with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and you will have an even nicer chart.

      Your statement about Monster Hunter proves you are saying BS because Monster Hunter Tri was made for Wii. Yet, all iterations of Tri (including the Ultimate versions for Wii U and 3DS) didn’t reach PSP numbers in a much bigger install base combined.

      Your argument is still everything should be released on a Nintendo console. If you think so, enjoy your games and save your frustration that the majority of games will not be released on Nintendo hardware for yourself.

    • It doesn’t matter what system it comes out on. Be that vita, then I’ll just get it on my vita. But judging from the execution of SMT4 on 3DS, which I’ll assume you haven’t played, versus the execution of Golden on Vita, Atlus clearly used the features of the 3DS more extensively than the Vita. From that it’s logical to conclude that the features of a Persona on 3DS would be more extensive than those on Vita. Shame on me for wanting a better game. Also, congrats on ignoring half, no actually most of my post.


    • Lester Rat

      Although SMT4 was made especially for 3DS and may use its features better than Golden on Vita, which is most an up port with some minor changes of a PS2 game, Persona 4 Golden still looks better than SMT4 in many aspects.

      If they were to release a Persona 5 made especially for VIta, it would certainly look a lot better and have much more resources than the 3DS game.

      If it is about having a “better game”, then pray for a PS4 or PC version. Though, it would make a lot of sense to release it on PS3 instead, with better graphics, good infrastructure for online features and better appeal outside Japan. Then it could be downported to Vita or 3DS for easy money as Persona 5 Platinum or whatever.

      About Sega, if it is BFF with Nintendo, why they have announced new games from their two most successful series in Japan (Yakuza and Phantasy Star) on Sony consoles? I am pretty sure Sega is probably more interested in making a multiplat Persona 5 than limiting its appeal to part of the audience just because of some “alliances” that only exist in the minds of fans of one or other hardware maker.


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