7 Reasons Why All The Mass Effect 3 Hate Is Unjustified

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A lot of the choices you make have huge impacts on the story

Just think back on all the major choices you made in Mass Effect 1 and 2- the rachni queen, Maelon’s data on the genophage, saving the Council, making Udina or Anderson the Ambassador. Most of them had an impact on how the story in Mass Effect 3 plays out. Players have been complaining that many choices don’t. But they’re missing the point- Mass Effect, the entire trilogy, should be looked at as one game. One story. One adventure. When you look at it from that perspective, you’ll realize that most of the choices you made had an impact on all of the story is some way or another. Just like Metal Gear Solid 4, Mass Effect 3 is best played when you’ve experienced the previous instalments of the franchise. It’s a weakness, sure, but that’s just how it is.

It’s about the journey, not the destination

For a moment, let’s not consider Mass Effect 1 and 2 and the wonderful games they were, and how they magnificently lead up to Mass Effect 3. Let’s just think about Mass Effect 3. Think about the first thirty hours of the game, the entire game before the last 15 minutes. Most of the people I have talked to agree to the fact that Mass Effect 3 is a brilliant game. Their opinions on the ending may differ, but that aside, everyone acknowledges the fact that BioWare developed a great game. Well, almost everyone. And seriously, can just 15 minutes, no matter how bad they are, really ruin 30 hours of magnificence before them? I don’t think so. As I said before, it’s just the hyperbolic hating taking a toll on all the haters.

The multiplayer is NOT a cash-in

Those who’ve played the multiplayer component of Mass Effect 3 know what I’m talking about. Sure, it’s no Gears of War or Battlefield, but it’s still damn fun and addictive. It’s a deep component with a complex and fleshed out levelling system with slick shooting and some typical Mass Effect play styles. Single player and the main story are still the main focus of the game,  but the multiplayer is definitely worth trying out, and is definitely not just a cheap cash in by BioWare.

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  • Subass36

    I absolutely loved all the mass effects but I hated the last 5min of ME3, its the fact that the game draws players in so immensely that there is a lot more passion/rage when it comes to discussions. Making the decisions yourself in the game makes it personal, deciding who lives and who dies.

    However the uniqueness of each player is thrown away in the last 5min because all the endings of every player are basicly the same. All the mass relays blow up, you get the choice to pick a color of the explosions. It are decisions that shepard wouldn’t blindely accept without questioning.

    – Huge plotholes
    For example, where will the entire fleet go to now that there are no relays? They can’t go home and eventually they’le starve. And if a mass relays blows up their entire system blows up. And why is joker running away from the fight. Why did my squadmates on the ground magically appear on the ship. Why did the beam sent you right where you needed to be, I could go on and on and on.

    – The argument of the starchild:
    synthetics and organics can’t live alongside each other, the synthetics will kill their creators (the organics), I want to prevent this from happening by making synthetics(reapers) that every 50.000 years whipes out all intelligent organics. Turning them into synthetics to whipe out all the organics for the next cycle.

    – Finally:
    the ending that the game gives you seems much worse than the damage that the reapers would do. (entire fleet dies starvation, all relays destroyed thus all the systems they were in)

  • Bryton

    I agree that some hatred is unjustified, but there are many reasons why people would be, and probably should be, upset with ME3 ending. Mass Effect is an Epic. A franchise that’s been built over many years and a storyline with intricate detail. How do you sum up and Epic in 5 minutes? It’s not possible. ME3’s ending tried to do just that. This was the first issue.

    The 3 colored endings are relatively similar, which is fine, don’t care much about that, but the “epilogue” of the man and the kid, or Sheppard’s last breath? These things give unfinished endings to the ENDING of an Epic. A hero deserves his rest, let him have it.

    Yes there are more issues, but these were my two primary ones that I could justify.

  • charles2029

    The hate may be unjustified, but it keeps everyone talking about the game, so I guess it’s good for PR. It is good to see Bioware at least listening to fans.

  • Sabi

    So GB gets an IGN like look to it and now the contradicting articles? A Self Confessed BW fanboy defending BW?

    “Usually, I’m the first person to jump to BioWare’s defense, being the blind, unreasonable Mass Effect fanboy that I am” which is making the come off as a “Leave Brittany Alone” article.

    That said, I agree and disagree with this article.

    Yeah the endings weren’t that bad when compared to the endings of ME1 and ME2, my issue with the endings were how they were pretty much DE:HR endings just with no build up and they came completely out of left field. Like the Q had come to the mass effect universe.

    “it’s not a cash cow”
    Really? wasn’t this the same site that agreed with the backlash of a release DLC in an article written by the same person. Here:http://gamingbolt.com/opinion-piece-biowares-gone-too-far-with-mass-effect-3s-dlc Then there’s the upcoming DLC to fix the ending. Then there’s more merchandise tie ins to ME then some summer movies. REALLY? not a cash cow? REALLY?

    Every Game does have technical issues, but not every developer tries to justify a launch DLC by saying the game was finished 3 months prior to release so with nothing else to do they worked on the DLC only after release it’s seen that there was PLENTY they should have worked on. Nor do the games you mention come from a publisher that’s infamous for releasing unfinished buggy games to be fixed with DLCs

    I agree with the choices mattering yet I’m still not sure why there’s a council since not only did I let them die in ME1 but I disolved the council and let humans rule with Anderson in charge…as you should know that choice meant bubkiss.

    I also agree that the journey was great, so much better then Me2 although I found the Me2 cameos to be..well..just for the sake of saying “hey remember me!”.

    No one is saying MP is a cash in it’s more like it’s another “Single player game what suffered for a better MP experience.”

    Yes ME3 does answer a lot of question but if you didn’t buy the DLC, you didn’t get all these answers…not a cash cow you say?

  • Sabi

    I’d also like to point out something in THIS article..

    “I’ve played all three Mass Effect games, the first two thrice and the third one twice. I’ve read every comic book, I’ve read all the novels, heck, I’ve even played the iOS game. Right now, in fact, I’m on my first playthrough of Mass Effect: Infiltrator on the iPad.”

    “it’s not a cash cow”

    wait what?

    • Shubhankar Parijat

      Since 2007, only three Mass Effect games have been released in the canon series. 3 game in 6 years is a very good ratio. Especially when you compare it to franchises like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed.

  • Noye

    The fact that you overlooked was that Casey Hudson promised us a not A, B, or C ending. He gave us that… well more like he gave us an A1 A2 or A3 ending, in which I mean he gave us the same exact ending with 5% difference in each one. An ending where zero of your choices mattered from any of the other games… in fact it mostly relied on Effective Military Score…

  • Rev

    1-The ending is all bad, first we were promised several endings, we got one, choice was taken away from us, nothing we did throughout the entire series mattered, in the end the galaxy is doomed, your companions are doomed, and Shepard is dead (excluding the secret ending). It’s the same ending with different color filter.

    2- Do you have any statistics to prove your “bandwagon” claim? no, go over to the Bioware social network, everyone who voiced against the ending has a legitimate reason, and are by no means a minority.

    3- No one cares about technical issues present, they are eclipsed by the shit ending.

    4- It doesn’t matter all those little choices, have no bearing or impact on the ending, it’s all the same, if your going to take choice out of an RPG then might as well make it a rail shooter. Look at the epilogue in Dragon Age: Origins, while just a text wall in essence, but far more satisfying than what we got in ME3.

    5- I agree it’s a great game, all the way until you reach the end, what an arrow to knee that was.

    6- Couldn’t care less, I play Bioware games are for the story.

    7- If you’re satisfied with massive plot holes and star child at the end, then I envy you. Seriously what kind of logic is this, the catalyst creates synthetics to kill you every 50,000 years, so you don’t get killed by synthetics you made? I wonder how much time they spent on writing that, or how high they were?

    And let’s not forget all the unanswered questions, what happened to all the races? what happened to galactic civilization with the absence of the relay network? how did anyone survive the relays destruction if they cause a supernova? the answer: lots of speculation for everyone.

  • sonny112

    why for the love of god are people defending EA’s corprate greed ??


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