7 Reasons Why Black Ops 2 Will Revitalise Call of Duty

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Call of Duty is the biggest media franchise out there, and it’s certainly one of the most popular game series around at the moment. For all the fans it draws in though, the series hasn’t seen any major alterations or changes since 2007’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Series developers Treyarch and Infinity Ward have successfully followed the pattern of not fixing what isn’t broken so far, but Treyarch seem to be taking some rewarding steps into new ground with the upcoming Black Ops 2. Here’s seven reasons why these changes may well revitalise the franchise in new and exciting ways.

Treyarch’s Own Script

How Treyarch’s previous Call of Duty games will look in comparison to Black Ops 2

Considering previous Call of Dutys heavily relied on WW2 skirmishes for their inspiration and 2010’s Black Ops was largely based on a script that Infinity Ward decided not to use, Black Ops 2 will be the first time that Treyarch have actually penned their own Call of Duty script from scratch. Getting a fresh perspective on the series’ storytelling will be a new experience for series fans, and hopefully a decisive one.

A Fresh Theme

The jump from WW2 to the modern era was huge in COD4, but the 60’s setting in Black Ops 1 wasn’t much of a revolution by comparison. The sudden jump in Black Ops 2 seems pretty massive so far, and it could provide the thematic boot in the arse that the Call of Duty series needs from time to time. If the 2025 setting offers half as many battle mechs and robots as the trailers have shown so far, we could be in for a truly new element of Call of Duty. Speaking of which…

New Enemies

Been there, done that

Battle mechs, robot suits and general sci-fi craziness offer more than just options for the player. These inclusions also provide a new score of technological enemies for fans to oppose. I know the variety will never be huge in a war focused FPS, but terrorists, dogs and helicopters are really starting to get old. Getting to take on battle mechs would certainly be a good start.

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  • Brandon

    Good article, but dont forget about the different ways you can play in campaign, being able to switch from any player, or even as a commander from the sky, or robot/drone, with players staying dead if they die in the missons, until its down to only the one player your playing with left. Black ops 2 zombies fan base will probably more than double, imagine the map size, new characters, all the extra things that could happens with 8 players and in a modern time. I think this future theme could be great but they have to deliver with gadgets and guns. Theyre should be a shitload of completely new things that arent anywhere from being used in the present day. I think guns should be able to equip more attachments, whats a future special ops game without the highest possible technology at your disposal. I want laser sights, flashlights, different types of grenades in the grenade launcher, and my directional pad display Filled, a special ops guys biggest advantage is his equipment, we shouldnt have a gun and one peice of equipment, in a real situation wed have as much as we can. And i understand they have to keep it balanced but maybe this equipment can be very limited in what it actually does, but give the game a real life variety of customization. I hope they bring back the playercard as well as the different outfit variations. Im extremely excited for black ops 2 and i hope that this gives treyarch the only seat available for future games. theyve earned it.

    • John

      BF2MC had that “on-the-fly” character switching in its campaign way back in the ps2/xbox generation and it sucked. And saying that a spec ops soldier’s biggest advantage is equipment is pretty insulting to the years of raw training and discipline they develop through that training. Tell the green beret who could massacre ur entire family with a sharpened twig that he’s only good because of technology lol.

  • Brandon


  • Nathaniel

    Activision is beating Call of Duty to DEATH!! Nothing will change. oh, it takes place in the future this time??? um, i’ve been playing a FPS that takes place in the future for about 12 years now… it’s called Halo… and they ALWAYS do it better. Call of Duty is weak sauce.

  • False


  • Ryan


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