7 Things That Super Smash Bros. 4 Needs To Have

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The Super Smash Bros. series has become a mainstay of Nintendo consoles at this point. More than a decade old, and with three highly acclaimed games, the series has come to be recognized as one of Nintendo’s best, as well as some of the best multiplayer fun to be had around. No other game can act as a ‘bridge’ title between the casuals and hardcore gamers like a Super Smash Bros. game can, and with 24 million units sold so far, it’s not hard to see just how wide the series’ appeal really is.

Therefore, it’s pretty much expected that every time there is a new Nintendo console, there will also be a new Smash Bros. game to go with it. Going into Nintendo’s E3 2011 conference, everyone was eagerly hoping for at least a hint of the next game in the main series. And sure enough, Nintendo obliged by informing us that Super Smash Bros. was headed to not just the Wii U, as expected, but also to the 3DS. That’s double the action for a franchise that has had a curiously muted number of games so far.

Obviously, we’re excited- almost more excited for Super Smash Bros. 4 than we are for the Wii U itself. And whereas it’s been confirmed that development on the next game hasn’t even started yet- and won’t until January next year- we can still eagerly hope and make our wishlists about what we want the next game in this massive franchise to have. The list below is, what we hope, the definitive list of what Super Smash Bros. 4 needs to have, if it is to reach the same soaring heights as its predecessors did.


This is more or less obvious. One of the more obvious ways of seeing how the series has evolved from the N64 days has been by observing the number of characters per game. Whereas the original Super Smash Bros. on the N64 started out with 14 characters, Melee upped the ante by raising that number to 25. Brawl ultimately came along and totally blew the previous games out of the water with a mind boggling 36 characters in the game. That’s a hell of a lot of characters, and it makes you wonder if there’s scope for any more, particularly seeing as how almost every single Nintendo universe has been tapped by this point.

But that’s not the case, as in spite of literally straining at the seams because of the sheer volume of characters it had, Brawl still had some glaring omissions. For instance, why is Ridley still not in the games yet? I know he appears as a non playable character, but wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to play as him too? Also, why not bring back fan favorites like Mewtwo and Dr. Mario?

And speaking of more characters, Brawl let us have a sneak peak into the series’ future by including two third party mascots in its roster- Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario’s old rival, and Solid Snake, perhaps the unlikeliest candidate for an appearance in a Nintendo game. Now that the floodgates have been opened, why can’t we have more third party characters? For instance, Megaman looks like he’d be a nice fit (although something tells me he’d play identical to Samus). Why not have Simon Belmont from Castlevania? Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden? Phoenix Wright? Professor Layton? The list of potential candidates is endless. Really, Nintendo should get onto it, and make the character count in Super Smash Bros. 4 touch fifty. It’s not impossible.


Barring the more characters demand, this one is probably the most obvious one that we could make.

Super Smash Bros. has seen a gradual increase in the number of stages it includes with every game. The original N64 game had nine stages, based on various locales to be found across all of Nintendo’s universes. Melee came along and more than tripled that with 29 different stages on offer. In case you think that’s a lot, Brawl had a staggering 41 stages, 31 of which were all new, and 10 of which were remixed fan favorites from the Gamecube game.

So clearly, the scope of each Smash Bros. game is huge, as the number of characters and stages per game can only attest to. With Super Smash Bros. 4, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a similar advancement in the number of stages. More stages can be created, by firstly focusing on some of the more neglected and ignored Nintendo franchises. We could also have some based on the third party characters in the game (a Megaman themed stage would be awesome).

Give us more stages, Nintendo. Pack the game with so many of them that it’s impossible to master them all. Oh, and also, while you’re at it, include a stage creator with this game. Brawl had a good start on this front, as it already featured a pretty decent stage builder. However, a more full fledged one, which also allows for co-operative building and sharing online a la ModNation Racers, would be awesome.

Of course, for that, the next Super Smash Bros. game would need online that doesn’t suck…


Super Smash Bros. Brawl was a big step forward for the series in that it included online play. Easily its most touted feature leading up to release, fans were excited to take each other on in some high quality competitive Smash matches online. However, things went wrong- from its crippling dependence on Friend Codes to its horrible lag, from the limited options in random match ups to a complete lack of unification (there was no way to see which of our friends were online, no way to share or track statistics, no way to share our stages, no way to share our trophies and accolades) led to the game’s online being a source of frustration more than it was of fun and high caliber Smash matchups.

People might point to the Wii’s stunted online and say that the game itself wasn’t to blame, but I disagree. As maligned as the Wii’s online is, games like Mario Kart and Monster Hunter had excellent, full featured online modes. I see no reason why Nintendo’s premier, marquee title could not have had at least reasonably competitive online modes.

For the Wii U game, Nintendo needs to address every single issue that Brawl had, fix it up, and then add more. For instance, allowing extra stages to be downloaded (released weekly as free DLC, for instance) would be a great addition. Hosting tournaments online on the basis of ranked leaderboards, not dissimilar to the feature in Nintendo’s own Pokemon Black and White, would certainly add to the longevity of the title.

The new game deserves to become the premier online game of next generation. Not just because it can, but also because of the unfulfilled promises to all the fans made leading into the release of Brawl. The fact that Brawl was so gimped online only added to the frustration, because some fundamental core mechanics of the series had been messed up to make the traditionally fast gameplay of the series fit for online play. One thing that Super Smash fans would love would be to see a return to the mechanics that made Super Smash Bros. Melee so revered…

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  • Anonymous

    You missed something. You mentioned a bit of it but missed the underlying thing. SSB4 needs an online store. Buying new skins or levels with WiiU points or W/E would be ideal for the game’s longevity. Added to this, After release updates of the game to fix character balances that hinder the game would also be ideal. Meta knight was too strong in brawl and characters like link where too weak in melee.
    And don’t get all mad at me for saying SSB4 needs a online store. You can’t get content for free. Selling something that doesn’t break the balance of the game, Character costumes, will not ruin the experience for people who don’t want to buy these things. And to be fair. If they offered alternative costumes for characters You can bet I would pay 2USD for Samus’s Fusion suit or plain old power suit.

  • Charizard

    It seems like the writer doesn’t know that the final smashes can be switched off just like every other item. Other than that though I agree with pretty much everything, especially the music.

  • Blegh

    if they don’t make some sort of USB G-Cube controller, i’m not buying this. no controller works as well and nintendo would be stupid not to take advantage of the marketing ( they’d sell a lot of these controllers to smashers and people who download G-Cube games). and to the comment regarding the online store, that sounds like an awesome idea. smash is begging for dlc, and i think no competitive smashers would be mad about online exclusive stages as long as they stayed purely casual for example. also, downloadable music would be nice (if any of this was mentioned in the article, that’s my bad, i sorta just skimmed it)

  • Musser64

    I know your feel.

  • Cyberia

    Uh, I don’t think Sonic and Snake are coming back. It’s like Link in Soul Calibur, there was a contract that wouldn’t allow Nintendo to keep them there. That’s why 3rd party guest characters don’t stay in fighting games.

  • Spencer

    Putting aside my dream to play as Spyro the dragon…
    Better custom stage parts. Wheres the cannon barrels? Push blocks from Zelda? Linked platforms from Mario(remember the smashbros64 secret stage had them)? A lot of great stage possibilities, and many of them were already in the subspace emissary, COMMON!

  • Anonymous

    First off, the original N64 game had 12 characters NOT 14 ya dumb shit. Second, even though I agree that tripping was a stupid idea, final smashes are a great addition to the game. If ya don’t like final smashes, then just turn the smash balls off dumbass. Third, if the WiiU isn’t compatible with GameCube games, what makes you think that the controllers will be? It was already announced that only the Wii Remote (Nunchuck, Motion-Plus, and Wii Remote Plus), Classic Controller (original and pro) and the Balance Board would be compatible with the WiiU. And finally, Melee isn’t that great of a game. It hasn’t aged well, the controls are loose at best AND there’s a bunch of freaking glitches which Brawl fixed. SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT MELEE AND MOVE THE FUCK ON!!!!!

  • Jordn

    While I doubt Snake will make it back, I’d also doubt that they’d remove Sonic. Remember that Sonic made it in because of a survey they held in Japan asking the public which character they would want to see in Brawl, and Sonic (obviously, I mean, who else?) came in at #1. Because of that, I’m guessing he’d return. They wouldn’t remove the #1 character the general public would want to see in their games. And how Sega and Nintendo are partnered up, that just gives Nintendo more of a reason to leave him in.

    But I am definitely all for DLC. I think the games need it, as well as an online co op adventure mode.

  • 4loco

    For all yall sore ass sorry losers that don’t like unexpected random suprises during a brawl , keeping the tripping is a must keep, it always saves someone’s life or even makes someone’s asswhopping more ass whopping , I just think the ganandorf clone is the gayest clone theybgot other then that clones aren’t too bad, Rob is Fuckn stupid, and I realy hope they quit adding those gay ass hedge hog characters , pikkman just killed everyting and is a waste of a damn character culd have Ben someone from metroid oranother pokemon, good characters to add wuld be banjo , conquer from conquers bad furr day , you knows old school 64,
    Stage build everyone already knows what’s up.

    Importing your own music wuld be an enhancement in everyone’s brawling skills,

    If story mode culd change it shuld be epic not gay and stupid

    And that’s another thing , Iknow the game is rated e but shit man sometimes I feel elbaressd playing this little kid game. It’s 2012 its time for Ssbb to get a little more crunk, I’m not saying add blood or adult things like that just saying don’t make it too Fuckn gay -_-

    Online play just made me cry cuz I spent days going on FUCKING YouTube asking people for their codes -_-

    And more work on team battleing modes wuld b awsome

    And that’s all I can thinkin of , other then how mad I am at Nintendo chinx for fucking up online play and stage builder.

    • TheBoss

      LMAO 4loco, stay free.

    • Drac

      Dude, you’re an idiot.

  • Shawndell Rivers

    My WishList Of Character:
    1) Glover
    2) Ristar
    3) Tails
    4) Sonic
    5) Crash Bandicoot
    6) Spyor

  • Smashbrosaddict

    If it won’t be compatible with GameCube controllers I won’t even buy the game….. Okay, I will but I will be extremely pissed off

  • Smash Balls Rock!

    If you don’t like Final Smashes, turn them off. Not everyone wants them removed so if they’re kept everyone gets what they want. If you want them you’ve got them. If you don’t you can turn em off, bottom line, they don’t need to be removed.

  • Josh

    Someone’s wearing his melee nostalgia goggles. Yes, tripping should be optional but why do you want to be a buzzkill and remove the option of having final smashes? A bit selfish to want people to play the game only your way. Brawl is awesome because there’s so many ways to play the game which ranges from a crazy cheap (and arguably fun) game to an incredibly deep and complex fighting system tailored for its hardcore audience. Customization was one of Brawl’s biggest strengths and it should be present in the sequel.

    Also the Wii U has the pro controler. It’s time to move on from the gamecube controller.

    I agree about the online though.

  • 3DS>Wii U

    I thought there were going ghtto be the same characters for 3DS and WiiU, but alright…

  • Shadowking58

    How about advancing the Stage Editor? Making it like an actual stage editor! That’d be awesome!


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